Bethany and Rufus. 2015. 3

Music Lovers,
We are beyond excited to let you know that we are hosting a return visit from one of our earliest and favorite house concert artists, Bethany and Rufus. You may or may not know about Bethany and Rufus, if you do not, they are well worth getting to know.  
Bethany and Rufus are a unique duo in the world of folk music. Bethany Yarrow, the daughter of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, has a firm grip on the American Folk Canon.  The very songs that come to mind when one mentions folk music are the songs in her wheel house.  Her voice is strong, smoky and dynamic, bringing these songs, some of which are very old, a new sense of urgency and relevance. 
Rufus Cappadocia, a world renown cellist, on the other hand, represents an approach to music that you would never expect when you hear the term folk music. Rufus is a natural musicologist, a multi-instrumentalist, not satisfied with the plethora of instruments available to him at the local instrument shop.  He plays two instruments, primarily, on stage, each totally unique. 
Some time ago, as I understand the story, he found a discarded cello and rescued it from musical oblivion.  He redesigned the instrument as a 5 string cello. He makes sounds with this unique instrument that take the American Folk Canon in entirely new directions.  Not content with one unique instrument, he redesigned a jumbo arch-top guitar, converting it to an eight string. Not only that, he only kept the first 5 or 6 frets, leaving the rest of the neck fretless, so he can play intervals that do not exist in western music.  He uses Arabic and African intervals freely in the compelling accompaniments he creates to back Bethany’s beautiful voice on these revered songs.  
You do not need to take my word on this fantastic duo. Our good friend, Portland song writing Guru, Matt Meighan, said after the last appearance of this incredible pair here at Doverlaff House Concerts that his musical DNA was totally rewritten by Rufus and his approach to the music. Matt is not the only one singing these singers praises. 
Roger Levesque of the Edmonton Journal writes “The duo sees themselves as roots…but the musical results are really beyond category, with touches of jazz, gospel and something contemporary. Their unique sound starts with Bethany’s phrasing, which can be quite loose, even ethereal. Then there’s Rufus’ five-string cello – played pizzicato, jazz style and bowed, incorporating the bass range and world music rhythms… It’s an often bewitching chemistry.” 
Or, from JAZZ TIME, “Yarrow has a keen, dusky-voiced musicianship that blurs folk, rock and pop… it is, though, Cappadocia’s brilliance that gives this [music] its remarkable sheen. His palette…is incredibly rich and amazingly clever.” 
And from GOLDMINE MAGAZINE, this quote: “Bethany delivers low, smoky tones that call to mind Nina Simone or Cassandra Wilson delving into field recordings… Cappadocia bows and plucks [his] cello with dramatic tension and stately grace. With stunning imagination, Bethany & Rufus move music linked with her father’s era in arresting new directions. Bravo!” – GOLDMINE MAGAZINE
Cheryl and I simply love Bethany and Rufus.  We had so much fun with them the last time they were here.  We know, if you were here for that show you will want to see and hear them again. If not, come discover a unique interpretation of the American Folk Canon, one that you will remember for a long time, one that may give you a new appreciation of these old, venerable songs. As usual we will be providing some snacks.  Beer and wine will be available. We will also have a short opening set buy have not yet worked out exactly who that will be.  
The suggested donation will be $20 per seat. You can reserve seats by sending a check for the suggested donation to us, made out to Dan Dover with “Bethany and Rufus” in the memo line. You can reach me at 503.730.3189. Also, check out our website:
Check out these You Tube videos of their work: 
Dan and Cheryl
Doverlaff House Concerts
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Mary Flower, Sunday March 29

Mary Flower House Concert 2015

I know this may seem a little early but I do not know when I will get the chance to reach out to you again before the show.  We will be hosting acoustic blues legend Mary Flower for a house concert on Sunday, March 29.  Spring will have sprung by then and the days will be getting warmer.  Come help us contribute to the warming trend by heating up the basement with some tapping feet and stretching smile muscles.  
Mary Flower, a 2008 Blues Music Awards nominee for Acoustic Artist of the Year is known for her “uniquely personal vision of roots music that blends ragtime, acoustic blues, and folk styles.
She has also been a finalist in the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championships and has appeared on Prairie Home Companion.  Mary is truly a national artist with worldwide following.  This is your chance to see and hear her up close and personal with the intimacy only a house concert can provide.  
Gary Furlow will provide a bit of his take on the New Orleans blues sound to open up the show.  We will start at 7 pm with the door open at 6:30.  The usual snacks will be provided and beer and wine will be available for which we suggest a modest donation.  
We are located at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX, 97206.  You can reach me until January 31 and after March 12 at 503.730.3189.  During the time in-between those dates Cheryl and I will be traveling in Southeast Asia, mostly Vietnam for a few weeks with a group of our friends.  A friend will be staying here to see to the mail so to reserve your seats, send a check for the suggested donation of $20 to the address above.  We truly look forward to seeing you and to hearing this fantastic musician do her bluesy stuff right here in the Tiki Room.  Join us if you can and keep the music real.
As usual, we only reserve seat with advance submission of the suggested donation. Night of the show, the suggested donation will still be $20 but, if there are seats left, donate what you can.  We really want to fill the house for Mary and provide a great show for you.  Hoping to see you then. 
Just in case you are not familiar with Mary, here are some samplers:
Dan and Cheryl
Doverlaff House Concerts






























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Beth Wood and Lincoln Crockett, January 4 at 7 pm

Beth Wood. Lincoln Crockett Poster

Music Lovers, 

Man-o-man, what a fun show we had Saturday night with Keith Greeninger and Suzan Lundy here in the Tiki Room of the Doverlaff Mansion.  Can you have to much fun?  Dan always says “I’ve done almost everything, but I’ve never had TOO much fun.” Well, we came through alive so we guess we did not have TOO much fun but we think we spiked the needle way into the red zone.  
Thanks so much to Keith Greeninger and to Suzan Lundy for their wonderful songs and their total engagement with the audience.  I love house concerts.  How else can you have such intimate experiences with your musical heroes including pre show meals with free ranging conversation and post show hangouts.  Too much!  No, not really.  Just enough. 
Thanks also to you for coming to this and other Doverlaff House Concerts shows.  We could not have this if it were not for you.  
But, of course, it don’t stop there.  Next month, next year really, we will be hosting 2 incredibly great singer/songwriter/musicians here again in the Tiki Room.  This time, on Sunday, January 4 starting at 7 pm (doors open at 6:30) we will feature Beth Wood (the artist who gave the Tiki Room its name) and Lincoln Crockett.  This is going to be another great show.  We have seen both of these artists in many configurations, solo and together and with other performers.  They are both of the first order of entertainers and songwriters.  But that is just our opinions.  Lets see what others have had to say. 
Beth Wood: 
from her web site:

Beth Wood is a modern-day troubadour and believer in the power of song. Her exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and commanding stage presence have been winning over American audiences for sixteen years. Beth’s music is soulful, organic, intelligent, barefoot, high-energy communication of joy.

Picture a home-body with an ever-present wanderlust, an introvert with a passion for performing, a creative free-spirit with enough discipline to rework her dream year after year, calloused little hands and a big pile of curly hair…and you’ve got Beth Wood.

The Washington Post: 

“Beth Wood is a musical triple-threat — a thoughtful songwriter 

and talented multi-instrumentalist with a supple, soulful voice.”

Lonestar Music Magazine:

“…when you come across a recording like Beth Wood’s “The Weather Inside” you take note and recognize that this is the work of a genuine artist with a remarkable voice determined to make meaningful and lasting art.” 

Sundilla Music Website:

Beth’s exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and engaging, energetic stage presence have been winning over audiences from coast to coast. “The Weather Inside,” Beth’s eighth studio release, is a case study in contrast. A coming-of-age statement record from a veteran artist, Beth’s latest work embraces strength and tenderness, the polished and the well-worn, the broken and the hopeful heart. Produced by Billy Crockett at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley, TX, “The Weather Inside” delves deep into Beth’s creative reserves and delivers a strong collection of songs and performances to remember.

Some of Beth’s awards”

Winner – Sisters Folk Festival Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest
Winner – Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Contest
Winner – 2nd Place – Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriters Contest
Winner – Wildflower Festival Songwriting Contest
Finalist – Telluride Troubadour Contest
Winner – Top 20 Acoustic/Folk Category – Unisong International Songwriting Contest
Honorable Mention – Mountain Stage Newsong Contest
Honorable Mention – Billboard World Song Contest


Lincoln Crockett: 

Don Campbell, The Oregonian:

“There’s nothing wrong with old-school, but the real fun comes with those who push envelopes. As with blues, jazz, even country and rock ‘n’ roll, those who bring something new to the party help propel genres to higher levels.

Such is the case with Lincoln Crockett, a young lion on the Portland bluegrass scene. A regular in Cross-Eyed Rosie, the Josh Cole Band and Caravan Gogh, Crockett has released a new solo project that radiates all that’s good about the progressive side of bluegrass. A sterling mandolin picker, guitarist and compelling singer, he has produced a 12-song piece of work that might have traditionalists scratching their heads, but new-grassers will gravitate to it like moths to a porch light.

It will be hard to avoid comparisons to Nickel Creek’s Chris Thile… Crockett owns the requisite high-and-lonesome voice — plaintive, achingly bittersweet and clear as creekwater, without a hint of vibrato — and he’s not afraid to use it. Like Thile, he’s fearless and playful, but can clearly stand on his own.

He is also a fiery player who slashes his custom twin-point mandolin when called for, but who displays a feather-light touch on the tender tunes. Crockett has a predilection for more complex chording, and he lets that predilection shine throughout this largely original effort.

Though his playing can be a shade on the outside (in a good way), he doesn’t stray far enough from his bluegrass roots to do damage to the form. This is bluegrass, but squeezed through the soul of a youngster. You’ll hear all his influences — folk, rock, pop, funk — but he’s found a way to gather them up under the bluegrass mantle and produce something as pleasant as a long summer day.”


Jeff Rosenberg, The Willamette Week

“Lincoln Crockett first got attention on local stages in neo-grass favorites Cross-eyed Rosie, then began honing his solo chops. These days he also contributes mandolin to the Josh Cole Band and the quirky, charming Caravan Gogh. But tonight, Crockett releases his first solo full-length, Angels&Devils;Alike, perhaps the project closest to his heart. Case in point: Crockett’s delicate picking and angelic voice define gorgeous new songs like “Maybe Souls” and “Nothing Makes Me Feel Good.””

Lisa Lepine – Portland, Oregon music & arts promotions guru -

“I reviewed dozens of albums this weekend, and I have to say, of everything I listened to, Lincoln Crockett’s material was head and shoulders above the rest. His songwriting, his presentation, his indefinable presence, stood out in stark relief to all the others.”


How about some YouTube?

Sawdust Settler
Remember, Beth Wood and Lincoln Crockett on Sunday, January 4 starting at 7 pm. Suggested donation to reserve your seat is $20.  Seats only guaranteed with advance donation. Send checks, made out to Dan Dover with Beth Wood and Lincoln Crockett in the memo line, to Dan Dover, 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX  97206.  Dan can be reached for questions or directions at 503.730.3189.  Check out our web site at 

We will also be having blues chanteuse and slide master, Mary Flower in March;  Bethany and Rufus in April.  Still working on other shows for the rest of the season.  
Thanks, see you at the show,
Cheryl and Dan
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Upcoming Shows

Mary Flower

Sunday, March 29

7 pm


Bethany and Rufus

Sometime in April

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Keith Greeninger with special guest Suzan Lundy,Saturday, December 6

Keith Greeninger and Suzan Lunday. take 1























Music Lovers,

Have you ever been to a house concert. I know many of you surely have, as that is why you are on this mailing list.  If so, you know House Concerts are the very best way to experience the magic of live acoustic music. What an experience it is to be mere feet from fine nationally touring artists. The intimacy of a house concert is the most amazing thing.

On Saturday, December 6, Cheryl Mitzlaff and I are happy to be hosting Soulful, Heartful, warm and embracing singer songwriter, Keith Greeninger, for a house concert in the Tiki Room of the Doverlaff Mansion. We know this is going to be a great show.  A few years ago, Keith filled in at the last minute for a show we had booked with Johnsmith when a personal tragedy prevented him from making the show.  With almost no time to promote the change we still had around 40 people make it to the show and a massively great show it was.  We have been wanting to have him back ever since.

What to tell you about Keith.  I have  been going to the Sisters Americana Songwriting Academy, associated with the Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, Oregon.  Keith has been part of that song camp almost every year that I have been there, and I know I am not the only one who sees him as the heart and soul of that camp.  His infectious grin, his engaging, heartfelt, soul moving songs, his boundless energy and inclusive gregariousness have all made him such an integral part of that camp experience.  He  has not been an instructor there every year, but we sure missed him when he was not.

Some comments from various sources about Keith:

From Blue Coast Records:

Is it his deep, textured voice, his rich, engaging songwriting, or his deft yet unpretentious playing? With nothing more than a guitar in hand and a song with a story to tell, Keith can completely captivate an audience. His husky heart-felt vocals and aggressive acoustic guitar style offer more than the standard bill-of-fare for most folk singers and more musicality and sensitivity than today’s average rock band. Keith Greeninger is that rare performer for whom people lean forward in their seats, eager to capture every note and every word.

Many of you may know Mike Meyer, music writer and DJ at KRVM radio in Eugene. He wrote:

“One of the finest writers on the scene today. His songs always find a way to touch, inspire, celebrate… and when necessary, enrage                                          

We are absolutely sure you will love Keith’s music if you have not heard him before.  If you have heard him, you already do.  Come by and say ‘hello’ to an old friend, or make a new one.  You will love this show.

The amazing Suzan Lundy will do a short opening set.  If we ask, I am sure she will do her wonderful song “No Trains” or her massively moving “Massey Miners Blues.”

We are suggesting a $20 per seat donation for this show.  We think you will see it well worth the coins.  As usual, we will provide some snacks for free. Beer and wine will be available and a nominal donation is suggested for those. We hope you will join us and make the house concert experience your own.


Here is a 30 min video of Keith doing some songs.
Here is a video of Hop in the Truck recorded live at KPIG
Totally awesome Looking for a Home video 


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Upcoming shows

Mary Flower

Sunday, March 29

7 pm


Bethany and Rufus

Sometime in April

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Johnsmith House concert with special guest Kelly Brightwell

Johnsmith House Concert 2014 2


Johnsmith House Concert with special guest Kelly Brightwell Sunday November 2 here at Doverlaff House Concerts was full before we could begin to promote it.  Here is the poster.

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Matt the Electrician.Tim Easton House Concert Poster-page1






















Music Lovers, 
It is still warm but we have noticed a kind of crispness in the morning air.  Now when we get up for work at 5:30 in the morning, the sky is still dark.  That must mean that fall is close at hand. 
Along with the return of the cooler weather, we start to focus more on inside activities.  That means it is time for the Doverlaff House Concerts Series to ride boldly back to provide autumnal (as well as wintry and vernal) entertainment in the form of a big tribe of people getting together to listen to great music.
To kick our 2014-2015 season, we will have Matt the Electrician and Tim Easton here in the Tiki Room on Thursday, October 16 at 7 pm.  We are suggesting a $15-20,sliding scale donation for this show.  We will provide the usual snacks with beer and wine available for a nominal donation. We sure hope you can join us to start the new season right.  Seats are only guaranteed when we receive the suggested donation.  Mail checks made out to Dan Dover with Matt and Tim in the memo line to Dan Dover, 7326 SE Woodward St, Portland, Oregon 97206. We hold all checks until the week of the show in case you or the artists have to cancel.  
Dan first met Matt the Electrician at Sisters Americana Songwriting Academy back in 2011.  He thought, that’s a strange name, but it was attached to some really cool music. He was struck by a song about Walmart. It was funny and touching.  It was called “For Angela” and you can find a link to the video below.
The Houston Chronicle‘s William Michael Smith wrote,Austin‘s Matt the Electrician (Matthew Sower to his family and friends) must be both proud and puzzled by the blurb on his CDBaby marketing page which says, “Recommended if you like Ben FoldsPaul SimonTaj Mahal.” Oddly enough, that description isn’t as far off as it seems at first, although we would have added Tom Waits and fellow Austinite Beaver Nelson to that list. Sower is one of a handful of brainy, somewhat quiet Central Texas singer-songwriters who write with considerable plainfolks wit, down-to-earth blue-collar common sense and smart-folks ideas. What emerges are songs like “Change the Subject” and “One Right Thing,” delivered somewhere between Paul Simon’s New Yorky folk-pop and Waits’s back-alley sandpaper growl. There’s just the right mix of vulnerability and strength, ennui and hope to make women want to take him home and mother him. The Electrician makes it earthy and ethereal, and that’s a hard trick to pull off.”
But we think the name is Matt Server
From Matt’s website: 
Matt the Electrician crafts sharp narratives with equal measures heart and home. Evidence: It’s a Beacon, It’s a Bell. The longtime Austin resident’s excellent new album showcases a seasoned songwriter in top form. “Look out the window at the road rushing by,” he sings on the stunning “Muddy Waters.” “The shatterproof glass breaking up in your eyes/Your own private movie when things fall apart/Everyone’s trying to break your heart.” Details whittled from real experience frequently fortify his songs…

“Matt’s greatest asset as a songwriter is his natural ability to tell a story,” says Austin-based singer Seela Misra. “The world in his retelling is brutally honest, tender and hilarious at the same, a comforting combination. Equally comforting is his singing voice. You believe what he tells you.”

Key words: Honest, tender, hilarious. Yes, Matt’s most thoughtful moments mirror Van Zandt. They shadow Guy Clark. Haunt every great Texas storyteller with an eye for triumph and truth. Still, every lyrical twist and turn maintains his own unique style and substance. “I think Matt will be an influence on a lot of songwriters in the future,” Newcomb says. “What really stands out about Matt as a performer is he makes every crowd his own. By the end of his set, no matter who they came to see, the audience will be Matt the Electrician fans.”

We had not heard Tim Easton before.  He and Matt are touring together so we get them both.  So I went on YouTube to check him out.  See videos from each of them below. 

Review of Tim Easton by Hal Horowitz  

For his first release in over three years, and his third for the New West label, singer/songwriter Tim Easton goes even further back to his roots. An album made on the road, its 13 songs were recorded in six studios in six different states. Still, it maintains a distinctive thread provided by Easton‘s unplugged, unvarnished approach and smooth yet earthy vocals. Various members of the Jayhawks contribute, but like Tift Merritt, whose barely-there backing vocals on the lovely “Next to You” don’t add much personality, they only bring muted accompaniment to what is very much a solo project. Only Lucinda Williams‘ trademarked whisky-soured harmonies on “Back to the Pain” convey another distinctive voice to the mix. Easton sticks primarily to emotional ballads, with even his own strumming guitar and occasional percussion relegated to the background as he sings primarily of alienation and lost or waning love. The album’s generally dark, somber lyrics mesh well with his doe-eyed sleepy voice and the laconic tempo of the songs. “C-Dub” and “News Blackout” return him to Bringing It All Back Home-era Bob Dylan with prominent harmonica and political lyrics on the latter that creep into the personal as he closes the song with “Sweetheart, please, please take my hand.” There is a lonely, solemn quality to the unaccompanied “J.P.M.F.Y.F.” (short for “Jesus Protect Me from Your Followers”) that sounds like Easton strumming in his bedroom as he quietly lashes out at those who are “spitting in the face of love with one hand on the Bible and the other in the purse.” The closing cover of the blues standard “Sitting on Top of the World” brings the disc to a resigned and tranquil conclusion. Easton shoots his bullets with a silencer on the scraggly, moving, and introspective Ammunition, a personal album that takes a few spins, or more, to appreciate.

Some Videos from Matt the Electrician:

Accidental Thief

For Angel

I Will Do the Breathing


Some Videos from Tim Easton:

Sittin’ on Top of the World

Just Like Home

Audio of Tim on Mountain Stage

We really hope you can join us Thursday, October 16 for this great show.
Cheryl and Dan
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Music Lovers, 

First, a big thank you to those who attended the Cosy Sheridan show here Saturday.  We had a great turnout for a great singer/songwriter who gave us all a great performance.  All in all, a great night. It was such a pleasure to hear Cosy’s funny, moving and, at times, politically biting commentary and her amazing guitar playing. Backed up by her “sweetie” Charley, on base and back-up vocals, she put on one hell of a show. 

And speaking of a “hell of a show,” those of you who were here 2 years ago for the fantastic David Francey show we hosted in Cheryl’s Garden here at the Doverlaff Masion, know what an amazing show David and Mark gave us.  Well, looks like they are about to give it to us again. 

Monday, May 5 starting at 7 pm, we will host them again, probably in the Tiki Room (as we cannot count on sunny weather in May.)  We know many of you already
know about David Francey, multiple Juno award winner (the Canadian version of the Grammy.) David’s moving songs relate the real stories of people he has known, places he has seen and his experiences.  A true Everyman’s songwriter with a Canadian-Scottish accent that is totally charming and lends a gritty realism to his songs.  David, if you cannot tell, is one of our all-time favorite songwriters and it is a travesty that more people do not know the man and his music.

Lets try to help correct that by having you here on Monday, May 5 at 7 pm for this show.  Dan will do a short opening set and David and Mark will start by 0730. The suggested donation for this show will be $20 per seat.  As usual we will provide some snacks, coffee, tea and some soft drinks for free. We will also have beer and wine available and we suggest a $2 donation for those. 

If you do not know David’s music, check out some of the videos on YouTube: 

We are sure these tunes, and others you can find on line, will convince you that you must see David Francey.  Last time he was here in the back yard, we had 80 people.  Since we can only seat 50 inside, be sure to get your advance suggested donation of $20 per seat to us quickly to guarantee your seat.  As always, we prefer cash for “at the door” donations.  Make checks out to Dan Dover with David Francey in the memo line and send them to Dan Dover, 7326 SE Woodward St. PDX, 97206.  You can reach me at 503.730.3189 if you have questions.  

We know you will love this show and we so look forward to sharing the evening with you.

As our friends Spud and Rich say, The Music Is Magic.  Come share some magic with us, 

Cheryl and Dan
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Cosy Sheridan, April 19, 2014



Hello Music Lovers, 

As the days get longer and the temperatures slowly climb we are feeling the draw of spring and the need to share the joy.  Of course, sharing the joy is really what we are all about here at Doverlaff House Concerts.  Cheryl and I have another great show lined up and would love for you to be here to share more joy, more great songs, more laughs and just plain old good times with us. 

On Saturday, April 19, we will feature award winning singer/songwriter Cosy Sheridan here in the Tiki Room of the Doverlaff Mansion. I am sure many of you know Cosy and her work.  I know you will want to catch her here in the intimate environment of the Tiki Room. Margaret Branch will join Cosy for a short opening set. For those who may not be so familiar with Cosy here is some information. 

“Cosy Sheridan has been called “one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful singer-songwriters.”  She first caught the attention of national folk audiences in 1992 when she won both the Kerrville Folk Festival’s NewFolk Award and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest, then released her critically-acclaimed debut CD Quietly Led on Waterbug Records. “

The Chicago Examiner, on her CD The Horse King said “The Horse King,” from Chicago’s Waterbug Records, is Cosy Sheridan’s 10th CD, give or take. You can’t make it into double digits, and continue touring for twenty or so years, unless you know what you’re doing, and do it well. Rarely do you find a CD where every song is memorable. It happens, just not often. It happens here. Nine of the 10 cuts are Cosy Sheridan originals. They are mostly upbeat, often tongue-in-cheek, and always original and clever.”

Rich Warren, of Sing Out Magazine had this to say of Cosy’s 2008 release Eros, Cosy Sheridan possesses an eccentric muse, or perhaps it possesses her. That’s all for the good as this muse leads her into explorations to which other writers are oblivious. Thus, Eros stems largely from Greek mythology, as Sheridan sings with the wisdom of Minerva. Eros is a complete dozen song cycle that explores the nature of contemporary women and their lives as reflected in the age-old mythology. Sheridan specifically cites the myth of Eros and Psyche as the foundation for the album. She introduces the album’s concept with the opening “The Story Of Longing,” which contains a line about “the gods holding out their hand to me.” Several of the songs stand alone without direct reference to the theme, but, taken in context, they fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. “The Beauty Cream” updates the Persephone myth in a mock Gospel style. The wonderfully tongue-in-cheek “Weekend Workshop” sends up and puts down some New Age rituals. It might take Dr. Freud to divine all the nuances contained in this fascinating album of well-written songs. “You Still Love Me Somewhere” could be mistaken for a Carter Family song, not derivative, simply in that timeless style. The album ends with some irony, with “Happiness is Waiting,” a song that uses laundry as metaphor. On this self-produced CD, Penny Nichols helped with the arrangements. Sheridan, who is a most adept guitarist, is accompanied by TR Ritchie, Kent Allyn, Nichols, David Surette and Eric Halter. This talented crew gives the songs bounce and substance. There’s some very tasty picking on many of the songs. Sheridan has practiced her trade for many years, and has touched on these themes before, but not in a coherent stream of new songs. I laud her for going to Hades and back for a CD that stands apart from the hydra of singer-songwriters. Sheridan sings with the knowingness in her performance of someone who has lived, and this makes the tale of Eros all the more provocative and relevant.

Some of Cosy’s videos that you may want to check out:

Quiety Led

First Song

Air Guitar

Well, that is just a taste of Cosy.  We are sure you will love her show, we did when we saw her at Artichoke Music last year.  

The suggested donation for this show is $15.  To guarantee your seats, send us a check, made out to Dan Dover with Cosy Sheridan in the memo line. I will not cash the checks until the week of the show.  We do prefer cash for at the door donations since I will need to give the money to Cosy after the show and will not have an opportunity to cash checks. You can mail checks to us at 7326 SE Woodward St., Portland, 97206

We sure hope you will join us for Cosy Sheridan on Saturday, April 19.  The show will start at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 7. Its going to be a great show.  It will be better if you are here. 

As usual, we will provide some snacks for free and will have beer and wine available. We suggest a $2 donation for wine and beer.  

Hoping to see you at the show, 

Cheryl and Dan

Cosy Sheridan House Concert House Concert.small file.jpg

Quietly Led, Cosy Sheridan

Cosy Sheridan, First Song

Cosy Sheridan, Air Guitar
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