Stand and Sway (Beth Wood and Ara James) at Doverlaff February 2nd











Have you heard Stand and Sway? Though we have not, except the video below, we know Beth Wood’s work very well. She has played our series in the past and we have seen her severall other time. We love her for her clear bright voice, her expressive captivating lyrics and awesome guitar playing. She, as my good friend, Doug (Spud) Henderson says, is the real deal. Or, as his brother Mark is oft heard to utter (and will after one of her songs) “that is worth the price of admission.”

Suffice it to say, for now (more info coming), if Beth has decided to form a duet with her, she must be pretty darn good.

See them both her on February 2nd.

Hope to see you then.

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Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin at Doverlaff November 4

What a surprise Anna Tivel has turned into. I first heard her several years ago, 7-8 years, at Artichoke on a Songwriters Round-up night. The Shook Twins were new in town and were attending the round-up frequently. They asked for a friend to come to the stage to back them up on fiddle. That friend was Anna Tivel.

After that, we would see Anna here and there mostly backing up someone with her exquisite fiddle playing. Never thought of her as a songwriter, singer or front person. Shows how well my musician radar works.

A couple of years ago, we went to see Peter Mulvey at the Old Church in downtown Portland and found the opening act to be Anna. She played guitar and sang amazing songs with huge emotional depth and impact all with that voice, a plaintive aching sound that encapsulates loneliness, longing and joy into one sound. And the songs. Her songs are beyond my meager abilities to describe. Poetice posts from the heart, soul and mind of a sensitive, observant sage. Fantastic poetry. Take a listen to ‘Illinois’ below and you will know what I mean.

Rom the Portland Mercury:

Jeffrey Martin.  We have heard Jeffrey in only bits and pieces but have been duly impressed. Here are some things that have been written about this fine singer-songwriter. PORTLAND MERCURY:  “Jeffrey Martin’s music is not widely known, which is a shame, because he might be the best songwriter in Portland. With lyrics that read like Raymond Carver stories and a voice that’s one breath away from breaking completely apart, Martin’s songs are beautiful, sparse, and utterly devastating. . . . If there is any justice in the world, Martin’s music will soon reach a wider audience and inflict devastation on a much larger scale. ”                                                                                                                                                         -Santi Elijah Holley

No Depression article about Jeffrey

From Mike Meyer, DJ, Music Critic:“Jeff Martin was my favorite Northwest discovery last year! His fluid, expressive vocal style fits perfectly with this unique balance of universal insight and personal experiences in songs. Jeff already deserves to be mentioned in the upper tier of national songwriters.”
— Mike Meyer, KRVM-fm, Hope Chest Productions

So, as usual, the show will start at 7:30. Each artist will do a 45 min or so set with a break in between.  We will have the usual snacks available along with beer and wine.  To guarantee your seat, send to suggested donation to us at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX 97206. You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189 for questions or directions. If sending a check, make it out to Dan Dover and put Anna and Jeffrey HC in the memo line.

We hope to see you at the show.

Illinois  Anna

All Along  Anna

Gold in the Water    Jeffrey

Long Monday (John Prine Cover)

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Dan Bern October 19 at Doverlaff

We first discovered Dan Bern some 25 years ago at the Vancouver (BC) Folk Music Festival. We were blown away immediately and have seen him in several venues and festivals since. His acid humor and political/social commentary make him one of our favorites.

From his website bio:

Dan Bern has released some two dozen studio albums, EPs, and live recordings since his first CD on Sony/Work in 1997. Either fronting various bands or as a solo performer, he is convincing, funny and timely, with an unassuming tip of the hat to the spirits of the past greats, all while sounding fresh and original. Dan’s songs pack a punch, and are engaging and often cinematic.

Bern’s singular songwriting has led to work on such projects as the Judd Apatow features Walk Hard—the Dewey Cox Story and Get Him to the Greek. His songs have appeared in countless TV shows and independent films, been covered by The Who’s Roger Daltrey, and lately, comprise all the songs for Amazon Prime’s The Stinky and Dirty Show, a cartoon for youngsters, now in its second season.

In addition to the music, Dan Bern is a prolific painter, with works hanging in The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and The Bobby Feller Museum. He has published several books, the latest being a collection of poems, “encounters,” which recount his real-life encounters with, among others, Wilt Chamberlain, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Carter and Hunter S. Thompson.

Exciting new projects in the works include new recordings with his much beloved band, “The International Jewish Banking Conspiracy” (IJBC).

We hope you can join us for the show. It has to be listed as private as he has another show in town at the Old Church. You can invite your friends if you like.


New American Language


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Martyn Joseph at Doverlaff for 2 shows October 8th and 9th

Below you will find some of the material we sent out last year. These will give those of you who do not know the special nature of the man’s talent a glimpse of what you are in for.

(Mostly quoted from last years promotions)

We have seen Martyn several times now, including 5 times in our basement and at Sisters Folk Festival and again at the Alberta Rose. He is a helluva performer and songwriter. He has a great love of America and American music (especially Bruce Springsteen) but is not beyond a little critique of our shortcomings. We have this recurring opportunity and would love to host him but cannot if you cannot come.

Some blurbs from the press:

“Springsteen-indebted Americana, suspended folk chords glistening beneath troubadour tales, his lyrical eloquence still inspired almost 30 years on from his debut”
“One of acoustic music’s most original voices, and most forward looking of his generation of singer/songwriters”|
Q Magazine

“A profound experience”
The Boston Globe

“Songs of social commentary as much as love, with a rootsy sensibility”
Time Out

“Written with craft, performed with passion”
Financial Times

“He is one of our most intelligent writers. He gets better and better like the finest of wines”
Bob Harris – BBC Radio 2

“Britain`s best kept secret……a challenging songwriter and a compelling courageous live performer”
MoJo 4* review

From Martyn’s Bio:

Martyn Joseph 2015

Martyn Joseph is a powerful singer and songwriter gifted with the rare ability to speak to the soul with his expressive and poignant lyrics. With a career spanning 30 years, 32 albums, over a half a million record sales and thousands of live performances, the versatility of his music touches genres of folk, rock, soul, folk-funk and Americana, yet somehow all these labels cannot define the spirit of his music.

Compared to Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Bruce Cockburn and Dave Matthews, he has created his own style and reputation as a mesmerizing live performer and stands in his own right, built on a reputation for giving what thousands have described as the best live music experience of their lives. A unique talent driven by passion, social awareness and love for his trade, his music manages to empower and speak for the many. He’s a jaw dropping guitar player who has developed a unique percussive style, teamed up with a powerful show stopping voice, and has been called “The Welsh Springsteen”

Martyn was awarded Best Male Artist at the 2004 BBC Welsh Music Awards and in 2012 his song “There’s Always Maybe” won the best folk song category in the World Independent Music Awards. In addition to his 5 top 50 UK hits, the importance of his work has been recognized by programs such as BBC 2’s prime time series on Singer/Songwriters. Social justice has an essential presence throughout his music, which has been recognized with various humanitarian awards and plaudits.

Concerned with making music that is relevant and vital to his audience, he engages with challenging narratives tackling the complexity of the human condition underpinned with a promise of hope. In his own words “Really what I do is to try and write songs that might step up and make some sense of a moment in time. A good song makes you feel like you’re not alone in the world.” There is a versatility to Martyn’s music that is hard to categorize. Many have tried, resulting in labels such as Folk, Rock, Soul, Folk Funk and Americana; all of which somehow miss the mark. But sometimes music doesn’t need a defining genre and with the ability to articulate a sense of the bigger picture, Martyn’s music and social commentary manage to empower and speak for many. His songs are pictures, and stories, and feelings all put to music and delivered by a master craftsman.

“Songs For The Coming Home”, his most recent self-penned studio album, is filled with snap shots and images from his personal journey. “At the heart of this record is the notion that we are always striving to return. Returning to a place of solace, understanding, compassion, a place of justice, mercy and peace. That despite the carnage around us we can still save the day.”

Upon the release of the album BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris said “Martyn is one of our most intelligent writers. He gets better and better.” Described as a cinematic journey through continents via his trademark ‘one take’, up close sound with stunning instrumentation, “Songs For The Coming Home” resonates with raw performance. Incorporating this element of live presentation into the recording process, preserves the spirit of this charismatic live solo performer.

In 2013 Martyn released a CD of Bruce Springsteen songs, to great public and critical acclaim, with the glowing endorsement of Dave Marsh, acclaimed American music critic and official Springsteen biographer.

2014 saw him take the spirit of his music onto a more practical footing with the launch of his “Let Yourself Trust”, a not-for-profit organization which aims to make a small difference out of great love and commitment by challenging injustice wherever it’s found, educating via advocacy, campaigning for human rights, and raising issues that have been forgotten or ignored via fundraising initiatives, thus bringing about greater awareness for beautiful people in powerless situations

He has won the love of audiences from USA and Canada to Europe through an impressive number of live dates, and has previously toured with the likes of Art Garfunkel, Jools Holland, Ani DiFranco, Suzanne Vega, Mike and The Mechanics, Joan Armatrading, Celine Dion and Shirley Bassey. He is hailed as a raconteur weaving tales on topical concerns, as well as stories on the fragility of love, with a magical ability to reach out to his listeners through his passion and humour. Stunning reviews single him out as an unmissable solo performer whose music stays with you long after the show has ended.

As I said, we really love Martyn and will love to hosting him again. Let us know soon if you are interested. The suggested donation will be $20. We will start the show at 7:30 pm on both Monday and Tuesday October 8th and 9th.

Some Videos:

Kiss the World Beautiful

Luxury of Despair

Cardiff Bay

On My Way

Let us know,

Cheryl and Dan

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Chuck Cannon at Doverlaff on Monday, September 10 at 7:30


Welcome to a new season of Doverlaff House Concerts. We hope to have a very exciting season of music for you this year for our final, north of the border, show.

We will be kicking off this season with an artist we have wanted to host ever since we first saw him on the Cayamo Cruise several years ago. Chuck has become a frequent performer on that cruise and you will know why if you have heard his music. For those of you who received the CDs we used to make every year, you have at least a couple of Chuck’s songs in your collection already.

A few press quotes about Chuck’s music:

“A masterful guitarist, his style ranged from bluesy to classical to Irish/folk, all completely compelling… Throughout the night, either singing or storytelling, Cannon often had the audience in the palm of his hand – the man is an extremely gifted artist. ~Jim Simpson, No Depression”

“Watching Chuck Cannon for the first time, I decided he was as gifted a scribe as many of the folks on our list of the 100 Best Living Songwriters and funnier than most…”

“Cayamo 2011 Shawn Mullins and Chuck Cannon – Both performers were boat favorites, but there was a special dynamic when they played together.”

“every song has a totally original and often pleasantly haunting instrumental intro, especially on the gritty “Oh My Lord”.”

“Love and Money: an album one can listen to again and again, and more importantly, interpret a new meaning or discover a new facet each time.”

“Cannon’s magnetic personality is deeply infused in every lyric and every note, making Love and Money an album one can listen to again and again, and more importantly, interpret a new meaning or discover a new facet each time.”

Some Videos:


We hope you can join us for this and the rest of our final season here at Doverlaff House Concerts. Watch this web site for more information on  upcoming shows.

Suggested donation, as usual, is $20 per seat.
To reserve seats send the suggested donation to us at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX 97206
Make checks out to Dan Dover. Put Chuck Cannon House Concert in the memo line
You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189 for questions or directions.
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Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai at Doverlaff, Saturday May 26 at 7:30 pm


What to tell you about Keith.  I have  been going to the Sisters Americana Songwriting Academy, associated with the Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, Oregon.  Keith has been part of that song camp almost every year that I have been there, and I know I am not the only one who sees him as the heart and soul of that camp.  His infectious grin, his engaging, heartfelt, soul moving songs, his boundless energy and inclusive gregariousness have all made him such an integral part of that camp experience.  He  has not been an instructor there every year, but we sure missed him when he was not.

Some comments from various sources about Keith:


From Blue Coast Records:

Is it his deep, textured voice, his rich, engaging songwriting, or his deft yet unpretentious playing? With nothing more than a guitar in hand and a song with a story to tell, Keith can completely captivate an audience. His husky heart-felt vocals and aggressive acoustic guitar style offer more than the standard bill-of-fare for most folk singers and more musicality and sensitivity than today’s average rock band. Keith Greeninger is that rare performer for whom people lean forward in their seats, eager to capture every note and every word.

Many of you may know Mike Meyer, music writer and DJ at KRVM radio in Eugene. He wrote:

“One of the finest writers on the scene today. His songs always find a way to touch, inspire, celebrate… and when necessary, enrage                                          

We are absolutely sure you will love Keith’s music if you have not heard him before.  If you have heard him, you already do.  Come by and say ‘hello’ to an old friend, or make a new one.  You will love this show.


Dayan Kai

Keys, Strings, Winds & Skins: A true multi-instrumentalist virtuoso with an outstanding voice to match. Dayan Kai is a Singer/Songwriter, Arranger and Producer with a lifelong commitment to music. Equally versed in Americana, Jazz, World and Rock traditions, Kai’s compositions reflect his vast experience in the industry as both a soloist and versatile accompanist.

Dayan has self-produced and released six solo albums including “Resonate,” “Treat A Stranger Right,” “Livin’ Like A Rat Again,” “The First Twelve Years,” “All Kai,” “Songs of Sunday”, as well as two albums with his former band Water, “Scrape the Sun” and “Look out the Window”. In 2010, he recorded the duo album “Make It Rain” with frequent collaborator Keith Greeninger. Dayan also contributed his talents on a multitude of albums in the folk, jazz & world genres.

Dayan recorded “Resonate”, his latest release, with long-time friends/collaborators Steve Uccello and Jimmy Norris and Grammy-nominated producer Cookie Marenco. Dayan has also produced albums for Steven Graves, Mike McKinley, Tess Dunn, Quackgrass, and Michael Gaither.A partial list of instruments Dayan plays includes keyboards (piano, organ, accordion), guitars (Spanish classical, six- and 12-string acoustic, electric, and resophonic), other strings (charango, ukulele, bass, 4- and 5-string banjo, mandolin, and fiddle), the single-reed woodwind family and flutes from around the world, trumpet and trombone, conchas, and percussion (trap kit and hand drums [cajon, pandero, doumbec, tabla, and congas]).

We are suggesting a $20 per seat donation for this show.  We think you will see it well worth the coins.  As usual, we will provide some snacks for free. Beer and wine will be available and a nominal donation is suggested for those. We hope you will join us and make the house concert experience your own.


Here is a 30 min video of Keith doing some songs.
Here is a video of Hop in the Truck recorded live at KPIG
Totally awesome Looking for a Home video


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Marc Atkinson at Doverlaff, Monday May 14 at 7:30 pm

We first discovered Marc Atkinson as one of the founding members of Canadian band, The Bills (formerly, the Bill Hilly Band.) We have also seen his Gypsy Jazz combo, the Marc Atkinson Trio. Marc is definitely a master multi-instrumentalist with great writing and singing skills. We love his music whether with the Bills or his trio. This show will be a duet and will feature the full range of Marc considerable skills.
From his website:
Marc Atkinson is one of Canada’s finest JUNO-nominated, Western Canadian award-winning musicians. He is the leader and composer of the internationally renowned Marc Atkinson Trio (and co-founder, composer and performer in the acclaimed, The Bills). The music of this virtuosic group is melodically captivating, sensually charged and ferociously, technically awe-inspiring. Embracing a lifetime of musical influences, Marc and the Trio have just released their fourth CD, The Marc Atkinson Trio IV, praised as the finest yet. The compositions on this CD are punchy, driving and rhythmically inventive. The Trio, formed in 2000, has toured North America, England and Europe and has received standing ovations everywhere they perform from the Montreal Jazz Festival to the Vancouver International Folk Festival to DjangoFest Northwest.
Marc Atkinson, a multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger/producer, is one of Canada’s most talented musicians. His catchy compositions, found on the self-titled CDs I, II, III and now IV take guitar beyond the usual repertoire and sound. The tunes have a fiery but elegant guitar style, infused with a catchy blend of influences. All this while still maintaining the laidback humour and casual ‘good time feel’ of Canada’s West Coast. Atkinson’s picking has been described as flawless, surprise-filled, sizzling and supremely melodic. His music is original, complex and challenging in its conception and delivery but remains accessible and absorbing. The music of the Marc Atkinson Trio good-naturedly welcomes all listeners aboard for an intriguing, exhilarating and unforgettable ride.
Some Videos:



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The Talbott Brothers at Doverlaff Monday, April 30


Like Radio Stranger (see below) the Talbott Brothers had one of the coveted Official Showcases at the Far West Folk Alliance conference in Belview last October. That is where we first discovered them. With great brother harmonies and a great groove, somewhat Avett-like sound, they impressed us a great deal.
From their website:
The Talbott Brothers are a Portland based duo composed of brothers Nick and Tyler Talbott. Born and raised in Imperial, a small town in Southwestern Nebraska, they began writing and performing together in the summer of 2012 before relocating to Portland, OR. Forming an alternative blend of folk and rock, The Talbott Brothers creatively combine blood harmonies with storytelling and infectious melodies.
In their latest full-length album, Gray, The Talbott Brothers illustrate the tension between conflicting relationships and the various trials of the human condition. Ear To The Ground Music describes it as, “Equal parts optimistic and captivating, inspiring and hopeful.”


Following the album’s release, The Talbott Brothers made their debut at KINK FM’s Skype Live Studio, embarked on a national headlining tour, opened for Johnnyswim and ZZ Ward and performed at Sisters Folk Fest, Northwest String Summit, Flatwater Music Fest and clubs and theaters across the US.
In addition to having their music featured in national campaigns such as the Buckle and Tennessee Tourism, The Talbott Brothers are endorsed by Elixir Strings and have joined forces with Sennheiser for product showcase videos.
After playing more than 500 shows and independently releasing 3 albums, The Talbott Brothers’ deep-rooted passion and growing fanbase continue to drive them full steam ahead.
Suggested donation is $20 per seat.  To reserve your seats send a check to us at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX 97206. You can reach Dan for questions or directions at 503.730.3189
We provide free snacks and have beer and wine available.
Show at 7:30. Doors open at 6pm
Chris Baron will open
Some Videos:
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Radio Stranger at Doverlaff Sunday, April 8

We will be hosting on of my favorite local groups, Radio Stranger (Kelly Brightwell and Woody Moran) on Sunday April 8. We love the music of Radio Strager. An amalgamation of the various styles the principles have pursued through their musical careers. Woody has been more pop and rock oriented musician and songwriter. Kelly, has been an Americana writer and performer for years beginning in her native Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Together they produce songs with beautiful poetic images and a deep propulsive groove. We think you will love them and their music as much as we do.
From Kelly’s website:
Hearts and Home, Kelly Brightwell’s newest offering, is the product of years of soul-searching and personal growth.
When her debut EP, Wait for Your Spring, was released, her aspiration to be a nationally touring artist seemed to be well on its way to becoming reality. Her songs received airplay on community and college radio stations across the Midwest, Colorado and California. NPR featured her tune “Rockets” on their All Songs Considered website. Satirical cultural observer The Onion picked up her rising star and featured her album in their national outlets. And her songs “Knee Deep” and “Daffodils” garnered her an honorable mention at that year’s Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriting Contest.
Kelly has released a couple of EPs with friend and co-writer Woody Moran under the moniker Radio Stranger. She is currently working toward her next full length solo record, due out in 2018.
From Woody’s website:
Oregon-based folk-rocker Woody Moran is a singer/songwriter with a truly unique sound. Woody weaves excellent guitar skills with breezy, laid back vocals. His lyrics tell captivating stories and he’s got a knack for catchy melodies. Music Connection Magazine’s glowing review of his latest recording, “Sitting In Aztec Chairs” commented, “Moran’s a relaxed, genial artist whose music conjures a kinder, gentler, friendlier world, one we can all experience, at least for a short while.”
We are very excited to have Woody and Kelly back on our stage. We think you will be glad as well once you hear them.
Suggested donation is $20 per seat.  To reserve your seats send a check to us at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX 97206. You can reach Dan for questions or directions at 503.730.3189
We provide free snacks and have beer and wine available.
Show at 7:30. Doors open at 6pm
Michael Henchman will open.
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David Jacob-Strain at Doverlaff, Monday March 19

Monday, March 19
This will be David and Bob’s second visit to Doverlaff. They were a huge hit the first time. Come join us for some great acoustic blues and fine harmonica.
David Jacobs-Strain is a fierce slide guitar player, and a song poet from Oregon. He’s known for both his virtuosity and spirit of emotional abandon; his live show moves from humorous, subversive blues, to delicate balladry, and then swings back to swampy rock and roll. It’s a range that ties Jacobs-Strain to his own generation and to guitar-slinger troubadours like Robert Johnson and Jackson Browne. “I try to make art that you can dance to, but I love that darker place, where in my mind, Skip James, Nick Drake, and maybe Elliot Smith blur together.” His new album, “Geneseo,” speaks of open roads, longing hearts and flashbacks of Oregon– a record of emotions big and small, and lyrics that turn quickly from literal to figurative. “I’m fascinated by the way that rural blues inscribes movement and transience. The music that frees a singer keeps them on the run; there’s a crossroads where a thing can be enchanting but dangerous; damaging but beautiful.”
Some videos:
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