Bill Bourne April 21

Hello Music Lovers,

I’ll get right to it.  Bill Bourne is not just another pretty face.  Hell, he ain’t really pretty at all.  He is not one of those boy-band cuties with insipid tunes that you have heard before.  He is the real deal and a Juno winner (Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy).  With a style as diverse as the genres he has played and recorded, both as a solo and with such fantastic groups as Tri-Contentinental, a Canadian Blues Supergroup, including Bill, Lester Quitzau and Madagascar Slim, ( “Bourne, Quitzau and Madagascar Slim… convey a joy of playing and harmony in a fresh and excitingly uncommercial way… a totally original piece of work.” STEREO) or Bop Ensemble with Bill, Wyckam Porteous and Jasmine ‘Jas’ Ohlhauser.  A truly trans-generational group playing a wide range of music.  Penguin Eggs says of Bob Ensemble “Between Trains sounds like it could have been recorded around a crackling campfire on a midsummer night by three friends swapping tunes and passing a bottle…you might want to keep a copy in your winter-blues emergency first aid kit.”

Cheryl and I are really huge fans of Bill.  We first discovered him some 15 years or more ago at the Vancouver (B.C.) Folk Festival.  We developed a more personal connection a couple of years ago at Sisters Folk Festival.  Upon returning to the room, after a full day of music, we opened the hotel room slider door only to hear some very cool Flamenco guitar coming from the patio next door.  We discovered a familiar looking long-haired guy picking on the patio. We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Bill. We thought, omg, it’s Bill Bourne.  Bill and Dan swapped songs and sipped whiskey until the rest of our party returned from the festival.  Then Bill partied with us for a while before heading in to Sisters to be part of the late night jam.  Totally Wild!!!

The great Tom Russell said of Bill Bourne:  “I always thought Bill Bourne should have starred with Gene Hackman and Clint Eastwood in ‘The Unforgiven.’ He’s a goddamn movie star, I’d say, with that black top hat and card shark face. More importantly, he is a ‘shining light’ in the ‘North American’ Folk Roots scene. He sings, plays guitar and writes with deep soul, and on the current musical landscape these talents constitute a revolutionary act of ART. Listen to Bill Bourne; get Religion, brother and sister. This is the real thing”. We are sure you will feel the same.

Canada’s Metronome Magazine says: “Bourne is seemingly comfortable with any genre he attacks. Whether it be gut-bucket blues like ‘Hilfiger Heaven’ or ‘Which Way?’, the African rhythms of ‘Holy Holy’, the storytelling of ‘The Ballad of Moses Jane’, the Celtic strut of ‘Whadiddydo’, or the Cat Stevens infected ‘Burning Candles’, Bourne wraps it up tight and sells it in convincing style.”

Some Links:
Video- Ole Buffalo
Video- The House (with Tri Continental)
Video- Drifting (with Tri Continental)
Video- Portland
Video- Bucket of Rain (with Bop Ensemble)

Joining Bill for a short opening set is Dan’s fellow ex-okie (if you can ever be an ex-okie) and current Portlander, a regular member of our Songwriters Circle, Martin Hill.  Martin may surprise you with his musicality, intelligent and emotive lyrics, but he will surely surprise you with his vocal complexity.  With sounds that range from Tom Waitsish growls to pixie-like falsettos and everything in-between, Martin is a gifted songwriter and singer.  We are very lucky to have him open this show.  We are sure you will think so, too.

As usual, the show will start at 7:30 with the doors open at 7.  We suggest a $15 donation per seat, all of which goes to Bill.  We will provide the usual variety of tasty snacks for you to graze on and will have beer and wine available.  We suggest a $2 donation for the adult beverages.

Bill and Martin (we think) will both have CDs available, so you can take a bit of the evening home with you.

We so look forward to seeing you at this show.  We know you will not be disappointed.  These are 2 fine musicians with great songs to share.

Saturday, April 21, 7:30 pm
The Doverlaff Tiki Room
7326 SE Woodward St
Portland, Oregon 97206

Upcoming Shows:
David Francey, Monday May 7 at 6:30 pm
Danny Schmidt/Carrie Elkin  Monday July 16 at 6:30

Come see us and “Keep the Music Real”

Cheryl Mitzlaff and Dan Dover

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