Justin Roth, Thursday, April 4 at 7 pm

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Music Lovers,

The weather the past few days has restored my optimism.  (I started this a couple of days ago, alas, the weather has changed.) We know it just a teaser, but we are 11 days away from spring.  Tomorrow, daylight savings time and sunsets after 7 pm.  That is more like it.  I went for a nice long walk today with the music and the energy of the Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore show ringing in my head.  What a great show.  Thanks to Mollie and Rich and to Andy Anderson for providing a wonderful evening of music, humor and camaraderie for us all.  We totally loved Mollie and Rich’s version of David Francey’s Saint and Sinners.   Great songs from Andy in the opening set.  Great people in the audience.  All in the midst of some beautiful spring days.  How much better can it get?  

We do not know the answer to that question, but, on Thursday, April 4 we can see how close we can come again.  Guitar ace, Justin Roth, will join us on that evening for another great show.  We first encountered Justin at the Sisters Folk Festival American Song Camp where he was one of the instructor and a performer on the main stage at the festival.  A truly inspiring guitar player and a pretty fine song writer, and a totally great guy.  

The San Francisco Art Magazine said of Justin, “Fans of Leo Kottke or Michael Hedges will find themselves right at home with [Roth’s] intricate guitar work…beautifully written lyrics.” 

Other press comments include:

“An album of depth and quality, excellent guitar playing…lyrics are a strong point…it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of Justin Roth, and on the strength of this great album, I certainly don’t think it will be the last.” – WhisperinandHollerin, Ireland

“…intimate, personal and richly melodic…eloquent fingerstyle chops.  From the atmospheric beauty of the title track to the instrumental gem “Spaghetti Junction,” Roth delivers a lucid record that reveals an artist who’s taken his craft to the next level.” – Taylor Guitar’s Wood & Steel Magazine

“Justin Roth was a smash when he opened at The Ark for John Gorka, selling out a big stack of CDs and nearly stealing the show.” – The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI

“Superb guitar player, singer, songwriter well worth seeking out…exquisite, emotional and powerful…4 of 5 stars!” – Maverick Magazine (UK)

“…an incredible blend of excellent songwriting and sharp, intricate guitar work. You’ll want to listen to it again and again and again…” – Hunter At Sunrise, WHRV, Virginia Beach, VA



“One of the best singer/songwriter/guitarists I’ve heard in ages…Justin Roth is a flat out talent.  Roth rivals a young Willy Porter…His vocal delivery is smooth.  His guitar playing is extraordinary.” – The Journal Times, Racine, WI“Fantastically gifted songwriter…an eye popping performance…a Swallow Hill favorite!” – Swallow Hill, Denver, CO

“Justin Roth’s music is wonderfully melodic and rich, brimming with life and passion.” – Ellen Stanley, Red House Records


Or as John Gorka said ““Now you know—Justin Roth has come into his own

Have a listen to this You Tube video of his song Spaghetti Junction.  

And this song Fatima’s Waltz.  

I will be making up a poster/flyer for this show and will send it out in the next mailing.  We hope you can make it to this show.  This show will be held on Thursday, April 4. As usual, for school night shows, we will start the music at 7, with a short opener and Justin will take the stage at 7:30.  Suggested donation is $15 per seat.  We are located at 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX, 97206.  You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189.  Check out our web page at doverlaffhouseconcerts.org.

Remember, the only way to guarantee seats for this show is advance payment of the suggested donation.  Make checks out to Dan Dover and mail to the address above.  Remaining seats will be available at the door.  We suggest cash payment for night of show donations.  

See you next month for this fine acoustic artist,  

Cherly and Dan
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