Chuck Pyle, Friday October 18

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Why do we love Chuck Pyle?  To begin with, he has one of those honey and campfire smoke voices that have instant credibility just based on timbre.  Plus, he is funny, affable, has songs that resonate with anyone who loves nature, the outdoors, or good stories, not to mention fine solo guitar playing.  

If  you like any of those things, be sure to be at our next house concert here at Doverlaff House Concerts.  We will be hosting Chuck Pyle on Friday, October 18, starting at 7 pm.  Another of our favorite “Cowboy Poets” will be opening the show, great songwriters and general raconteur Dan Weber will warm you up and get you ready for Chuck’s performance. 

Below are some things said by various sources about Chuck and his music:   

“A masterwork of southwestern acoustic sound that’s rich, colorful, and oftentimes funny.” — Acoustic Guitar ( on Chuck’s CD ‘Keepin’ Time by the River’)

Chuck Pyle’s music is so simple as to make a reviewer despair. The man succeeds where so many others fail, in convincing you that with three chords, simple words and the most basic melody a song can make you cry. He convinces you that he invented music last week and here for the first time you are listening to this magic thing that makes noises so pleasant. – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Chuck Pyle’s performance is a ride down some trails less traveled, a touching and hilarious celebration of an American original and his take on making the best of a musical life. One of Chuck’s favorite quotes is, “Always ride the horse in the direction it’s going,” and when reviewers named him the “Zen Cowboy”, he took the nickname to heart, shaving his head and blending his upbeat perspective with old-fashioned horse sense. He mixes catchy melodies with straight-from-the-saddle poetry, quoting bumper stickers, proverbs, world leaders and old cowboys with a modern Will Rogers wit. Pyle has released eleven albums and has written songs covered by such artists as Jerry Jeff Walker, Tish Hinojosa, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Suzy Bogguss and Chris LeDoux – Jam Base

Though better known as a performing songwriter who’s songs have been recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker, John Denver, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Suzy Bogguss and Chris LeDoux, Chuck has also developed a reputation as a powerful, push-the-envelope guitar stylist, and has taught guitar seminars at such prestigious events as the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. Chuck is also one of the more popular performers on the singer-songwriter circuit.  – Artists Direct

Below are some select Chuck Pyle You Tube videos you might enjoy and will give you a taste of what to expect from Chuck if you have not heard him before:

The video above “Here Comes the Water” has been on our minds a lot these past several days.  That song is about the last time Colorado had flooding comparable with the one that has been going on there the past week.  It is the moving tale of a highway patrolman racing a flood in the Thompson Canyon and saving the lives of many people along the stream.  We think you will be moved.

You can find several other Chuck Pyle videos on You Tube.  Check him out.  We are sure you will love his music.

We are truly excited to have two of our favorite cowboy singers here to share with you.  Come join us if you can.  This will be our last show until the new year as we will be in India for almost 6 weeks.  As usual, we suggest a $15 per seat donation for the artist.  We will also have snacks for free.  We will have beer and wine available for which we suggest a $2 donation.  Come join us for a fine evening of Western Folk Music and camaraderie with a large group of music lovers.

In the rest of this season we will be featuring Cosy Sheridan, Karen Savoca, and John Craigie. We are working on a couple of others that we have not nailed quite down yet.  Watch this space for further news.  

Hoping to see you at the Chuck Pyle show and/or some of our other shows this season,

Cheryl and Dan
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