Keith Greeninger with special guest Suzan Lundy,Saturday, December 6

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Music Lovers,

Have you ever been to a house concert. I know many of you surely have, as that is why you are on this mailing list.  If so, you know House Concerts are the very best way to experience the magic of live acoustic music. What an experience it is to be mere feet from fine nationally touring artists. The intimacy of a house concert is the most amazing thing.

On Saturday, December 6, Cheryl Mitzlaff and I are happy to be hosting Soulful, Heartful, warm and embracing singer songwriter, Keith Greeninger, for a house concert in the Tiki Room of the Doverlaff Mansion. We know this is going to be a great show.  A few years ago, Keith filled in at the last minute for a show we had booked with Johnsmith when a personal tragedy prevented him from making the show.  With almost no time to promote the change we still had around 40 people make it to the show and a massively great show it was.  We have been wanting to have him back ever since.

What to tell you about Keith.  I have  been going to the Sisters Americana Songwriting Academy, associated with the Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, Oregon.  Keith has been part of that song camp almost every year that I have been there, and I know I am not the only one who sees him as the heart and soul of that camp.  His infectious grin, his engaging, heartfelt, soul moving songs, his boundless energy and inclusive gregariousness have all made him such an integral part of that camp experience.  He  has not been an instructor there every year, but we sure missed him when he was not.

Some comments from various sources about Keith:

From Blue Coast Records:

Is it his deep, textured voice, his rich, engaging songwriting, or his deft yet unpretentious playing? With nothing more than a guitar in hand and a song with a story to tell, Keith can completely captivate an audience. His husky heart-felt vocals and aggressive acoustic guitar style offer more than the standard bill-of-fare for most folk singers and more musicality and sensitivity than today’s average rock band. Keith Greeninger is that rare performer for whom people lean forward in their seats, eager to capture every note and every word.

Many of you may know Mike Meyer, music writer and DJ at KRVM radio in Eugene. He wrote:

“One of the finest writers on the scene today. His songs always find a way to touch, inspire, celebrate… and when necessary, enrage                                          

We are absolutely sure you will love Keith’s music if you have not heard him before.  If you have heard him, you already do.  Come by and say ‘hello’ to an old friend, or make a new one.  You will love this show.

The amazing Suzan Lundy will do a short opening set.  If we ask, I am sure she will do her wonderful song “No Trains” or her massively moving “Massey Miners Blues.”

We are suggesting a $20 per seat donation for this show.  We think you will see it well worth the coins.  As usual, we will provide some snacks for free. Beer and wine will be available and a nominal donation is suggested for those. We hope you will join us and make the house concert experience your own.


Here is a 30 min video of Keith doing some songs.
Here is a video of Hop in the Truck recorded live at KPIG
Totally awesome Looking for a Home video 


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