David Francey, Triple Juno Winner, Monday May 7

Hello Music Lovers,

There is nothing fancy about David Francey. David is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary ability to distill the essence of Everyman into beautiful resonant simple songs. David is the winner of a multitude of music industry awards, including 3 Juno’s, and numerous songwriting competitions. He is a wonderful straight forward performer and a writer of intimate personal songs that connect directly to the listeners experiences and emotions. We first discovered David and his music in 2002 at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver, B.C. David was almost 50 then and had just released his first album, “Torn Screen Door” with its title song, an acapella harmony stunner about discovering an abandoned farm house with a note pinned to the “torn screen door, nobody lives here no more.” We saw him again the day after the festival ended in a small venue in Vancouver and were totally smitten. His songs are little autobiographies about his experiences as a working man, about the people he has known, things and places he has seen and events that have moved him.

Here is a little video introduction to David

David and Craig doing “Paper Boy”

“Annie’s House” from Skating Rink

You can find tons of great performances by David on line.

Some quotes about David:

CBC New Brunswick says of David’s music “He’s like those Texas songwriters, the Guy Clark’s and Van Zandt’s and such, who take life and set it to music, in such plain but perfect language. Oh, and it rhymes. And it’s catchy. Each song is a bit of common sense philosophy, mixed with a tiny bit of sadness and a lot of love.”

Or this from the Edmonton Journal: “Francey’s clear, simple songs speak volumes to his followers. After a decade in music, David Francey is known as one of Canada’s finest tunesmiths and a champion of the Everyman, admired for his less-is-more approach to writing. It’s amazing how he manages to address deep stuff with such spare ingredients”

“[Francey’s] observations pack an emotional wallop… [His] songs connect because they reflect common responses to life’s journeys in a wry, poetic way.” The San Diego Union – Tribune

More than these people can say, David is a gem. He stands at the microphone, often with his hands in his pockets, and sings, in simple sincere phrasing, songs that you feel you should have known forever. Do not miss this show. When we started this series 3 years ago, David was at the top of our list of artists we hoped to host.

Well, now we’ve got him.

The will be a short opening set by Dan Dover.

Come join us, Monday, May 7 at 7 PM.

See you next in May with David Francey, or somewhere else down the line,

Cheryl and Dan

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  1. SteveB says:

    Really sorry we missed this one. What a beautiful night for an outdoor gig!

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