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Music Lovers,
We are beyond excited to let you know that we are hosting a return visit from one of our earliest and favorite house concert artists, Bethany and Rufus. You may or may not know about Bethany and Rufus, if you do not, they are well worth getting to know.  
Bethany and Rufus are a unique duo in the world of folk music. Bethany Yarrow, the daughter of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, has a firm grip on the American Folk Canon.  The very songs that come to mind when one mentions folk music are the songs in her wheel house.  Her voice is strong, smoky and dynamic, bringing these songs, some of which are very old, a new sense of urgency and relevance. 
Rufus Cappadocia, a world renown cellist, on the other hand, represents an approach to music that you would never expect when you hear the term folk music. Rufus is a natural musicologist, a multi-instrumentalist, not satisfied with the plethora of instruments available to him at the local instrument shop.  He plays two instruments, primarily, on stage, each totally unique. 
Some time ago, as I understand the story, he found a discarded cello and rescued it from musical oblivion.  He redesigned the instrument as a 5 string cello. He makes sounds with this unique instrument that take the American Folk Canon in entirely new directions.  Not content with one unique instrument, he redesigned a jumbo arch-top guitar, converting it to an eight string. Not only that, he only kept the first 5 or 6 frets, leaving the rest of the neck fretless, so he can play intervals that do not exist in western music.  He uses Arabic and African intervals freely in the compelling accompaniments he creates to back Bethany’s beautiful voice on these revered songs.  
You do not need to take my word on this fantastic duo. Our good friend, Portland song writing Guru, Matt Meighan, said after the last appearance of this incredible pair here at Doverlaff House Concerts that his musical DNA was totally rewritten by Rufus and his approach to the music. Matt is not the only one singing these singers praises. 
Roger Levesque of the Edmonton Journal writes “The duo sees themselves as roots…but the musical results are really beyond category, with touches of jazz, gospel and something contemporary. Their unique sound starts with Bethany’s phrasing, which can be quite loose, even ethereal. Then there’s Rufus’ five-string cello – played pizzicato, jazz style and bowed, incorporating the bass range and world music rhythms… It’s an often bewitching chemistry.” 
Or, from JAZZ TIME, “Yarrow has a keen, dusky-voiced musicianship that blurs folk, rock and pop… it is, though, Cappadocia’s brilliance that gives this [music] its remarkable sheen. His palette…is incredibly rich and amazingly clever.” 
And from GOLDMINE MAGAZINE, this quote: “Bethany delivers low, smoky tones that call to mind Nina Simone or Cassandra Wilson delving into field recordings… Cappadocia bows and plucks [his] cello with dramatic tension and stately grace. With stunning imagination, Bethany & Rufus move music linked with her father’s era in arresting new directions. Bravo!” – GOLDMINE MAGAZINE
Cheryl and I simply love Bethany and Rufus.  We had so much fun with them the last time they were here.  We know, if you were here for that show you will want to see and hear them again. If not, come discover a unique interpretation of the American Folk Canon, one that you will remember for a long time, one that may give you a new appreciation of these old, venerable songs. As usual we will be providing some snacks.  Beer and wine will be available. We will also have a short opening set buy have not yet worked out exactly who that will be.  
The suggested donation will be $20 per seat. You can reserve seats by sending a check for the suggested donation to us, made out to Dan Dover with “Bethany and Rufus” in the memo line. You can reach me at 503.730.3189. Also, check out our website:
Check out these You Tube videos of their work: 
Dan and Cheryl
Doverlaff House Concerts
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