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Music Lovers,

Cheryl and I have found so much pleasure in our involvement in the Portland music community. We so much enjoy bringing great musicians that you love and ones that you have yet to discover. We have truly found our joy in this community.

We get even more pleasure seeing our friends follow their dreams. Yet more, to see them succeed. We think Dan Weber is doing just that.

Seven years ago, Dan and I drug each other out of our respective basements to play open mics. We played some weird and funky places. It was clear then, that Dan Weber had that certain something, that charisma, that instant connection that makes people want to listen. Since then Dan continuously builds toward achieving his dreams. I was glad to be there at the beginning and more than glad to have him here again for a house concert. I am particularly glad to be doing the opening set for this show.

Dan, again this year for the third time in 4 years is one of the finalists in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition. With his great new CD “What I’m Looking For” we think Dan has a wonderful chance to be one of the winners of this years competition. Everyone I speak with who has heard Dan’s performances loves his music. I know we do.

Well, we are having Dan Weber back again for a house concert in less than 2 week; on May 10, a Sunday, at 7 pm. We are so excited about this show. We hope you will join us to see Dan as he continues to achieve his dream.

What, you do not know Dan Weber or his music. Well, we need to correct that situation post haste. Even legendary folk troubadour, Ramblin Jack Eliot says, “I love Dan’s songs and he tells really good stories.”

Of course, Dan’s compelling songwriting, inventive melodies and engaging performance style attracts more admirers all the time. Christopher Anderson, Victory Review: Acoustic Music Magazine writes, “Weber’s writing is as strong as any in the Contemporary Folk community. ‘ Goodbye to Dad’ is one of the best original tunes that I have heard in a long time.”

The chorus goes on singing the praise of Dan’s songs. “4 Stars: Has you hanging on to every word. That’s the touch of a true Master Craftsman Songwriter,” that according to Alan Cackett, Editor: Maverick Magazine, UK. Or, “Dan Weber sings short stories with the exuberance of Kerouac, the economy of Hemingway, and the melodic elegance of Hank Williams,” as Tim Connor of Songwriter wrote.

Do you need more? How about Ernie Hopseker of Ocean Beach Radio saying, “Ash and Bone is a tapestry, woven of songs that could have been written by Hayes Carll or Guy Clark. Listen to ‘Sarah Ann’ or ‘Take the Central Georgia Home’ and you will hear the depth of Weber’s phenomenal musical growth. In short, it’s fantastic!”

Of course many of you already know Dan and his music. If you don’t random quotes from strangers may not convince you. If that is the case, try some of these.

Introducing Dan Weber

Hank and Jesus

Oh, Woody

Crazy All Day

Come on over to our place on Sunday, May 10 for a great show. We know you will love it and love Dan, that is just the kind of guy he is. Come prepared to sing along, to laugh out loud and to have a really good time.

As usual, we will have some snacks available for free and beer and wine available for which we suggest a modest donation. We are suggesting $20 donations per seat for advance reservations. This show will fill up so be sure to reserve soon. You can send a check, made out to Dan Dover, with Dan Weber House Concert in the memo line, to 7326 SE Woodward St. Portland, Oregon 97206. You can reach us at 503.730.3189.

Come share the joy we have found in the Portland music community and in the music of Dan Weber. You will be glad you did.

Cheryl and Dan

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