Birs of Chicago, Thursday, June 25 7 p.m.

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We are coming again to the end of another great season of music here at Doverlaff House Concerts and we are closing out the season with a high flying act, The Birds Of Chicago. The Birds will be landing here on Thursday June 25 at 7 p.m. If this show is anything close to the last time they played in the Tiki Room, you better not miss it.

A cursory glance over their press page reveals references totheir music as anything from folk to gospel, to country to jazz. Truly uncategorizable,the Birds of Chicago bring energy, inventiveness, musicianship, great enigmatic songwriting, humor and verve to their performances. A totally infective and affecting sound that will have you smiling and singing lines from their songs for months.

Some of that previously alluded to press:

“Everyone at Folk Alliance was talking about this band built around husband and wife Allison Russell and JT Nero. The acclaim was earned. Allison comes off like a demure young lady with a delightful Toronto accent when she speaks, but when she sings, she’s Aretha Franklin. They performed original music, folk with a rock bend, with a touch of gospel thrown in. By the end of the festival, their shows were standing-room only, if you could get into the room at all.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer – Mar. 2014)

“Top Ten Country Albums of 2014” (London Telegraph – August, 2014)

“[Birds of Chicago] have discovered a power in their collective that creates some truly spine tingling moments. Mix a little gospel, a little soul, plenty of country attitude and you get the semblance of the forces at play here. Heard live, this couple display a spirit in performance that is really special and conjures up the celebratory feel of a revival meeting.” (Lonesome Highway – May, 2014)

“Apart, JT Nero (in JT and The Clouds) and Allison Russell (as Po’ Girl), are superb and a joy on the ear. Together as Birds of Chicago they are exceptional. All of the good things about them are here. Russell’s voice is a wonderful weapon and the band cook likes demons crossing over gospel and rock with ease. ‘Live From SPACE’ represents them as they should be – live and unchained.” Four Stars. (Music News – UK, April 2014)

Maybe some pictures and sound may better get the message across. Try these videos from their website:

Introducing the Birds of Chicago
I Have Heard Words
The Moonglow/ The Tapeworm
The Trampoline

I hope these videos give you a sense of the Birds of Chicago if you do not already know them. If you do, you do not really need my efforts to convince that this will be a great show. We hope you will join us On June 25 at 7 pm for this sure to be entertaining show.

We will have Paul Kwitek here that night as well doing a short opening set. Paul new CD is totally refreshing and fun. We attended his cd release and it was simply killer. Here is his Restless from a show at the Brickhouse in Vancouver and his Schwinn Typhoon from a show at the White Eagle.

If like this sort of thing, be sure to join us. As usual the suggested donation it $20. I am sure this show will fill to capacity fast. If you would like to attend let me know and I will put you on the list. The only way to guarantee a seat for this show is to send the suggested donation in advance. Send a check, made out to Dan Dover, with Birds of Chicago in the memo line, to 7326 SE Woodward St., PDX, 97206. If you have questions or need directions, you can reach Dan at 504.730.3189. We will have snacks for free and beer and wine is available and we suggest a modest donation for those.

Attached is a copy of the poster for this show. See you soon and keep the music playing.

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