John Craigie House Concert Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Hey Music Lovers,

The musical juggernaut  that is the Doverlaff House Concert Series rolls on, despite a few bumps on the road.
Many of you probably do not know that we were supposed to host Elyza Gylkison last night.  The offer for the show csame last minute. We had it confirmed the day of our Danny Schmidt show last month. We announced it at the show and essentially filled the show that night. We notified a couple of our die hard regulars and completed filling within a few days.  We even paid to reschedule our return from Mexico a day earlier. Then, Monday, we received word that they would have to cancel.  Total bummer. Nina Gerber, guitarist extraordinaire, was to accompany Eyza, but her dog became terminally ill and she had to cancel to tour.  But, they promise to reschedule another show, maybe two for the fall.  Watch this space for more on that.
On the brighter side, our March 19 show with iconoclastic singer-songwriter, John Craigie approaches rapidly. We had John here a couple of years ago and it was a great show. John is quite funny and his humor informs most of his songs.  A good friend of the Shook Twins, he brought them along to join him on a couple of tunes.  We are very excited about this show.
Why, you may ask? Well lets see what others have had to say on the matter.
Jason Felton of Record Department Music Reviews on John’s album “The Apocalypse is Over” wrote, “Modern day troubadour John Craigie spent most of past decade crisscrossing the United States and traveling abroad on tour. A singer, songwriter and storyteller, his songs are filled with memorable melodies and finely crafted, socially conscious lyrics about politics, modern life, and love. Craigie’s latest release, The Apocalypse Is Over, was influenced by time spent in New Orleans, resulting in the addition of horns, piano and other creole instruments to the mix. The album is filled with expressive vocals and instrumentation, showcasing Craigie’s own immense talent as well as the accomplished chops of his backing band. Highlights include: the toe-tapping opening track Innocent In My Arms; the plaintive ballad Rachel; the fun loving and determined We Ain’t Leaving This Bar, Patrick (Til We Find You Some Love); and the catchy I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man. If you haven’t heard of John Craigie, I recommend you pick this one up followed by his back catalog. And if you have, then add this to your collection immediately.
Jam Band Friendly’s, also on “The Apocalypse is Over” penned, “John just released the album The Apocalypse Is Over, a brilliant masterpiece that’s gotta make waves in the music world.  If it doesn’t there is something wrong.  This one screams of professionalism, grace and eloquence with tracks that you could listen to over and over again…We all have to use road-maps sometimes to get to the destinations we’re searching for.  John’s road-map is a soulful, American-music structure that incorporates top-notch musicians, high-class engineering and a sound that is contagious.  Play this album over and over again on a Sunday to start your week and I promise that your world will be lifted up and your spirit taken to a new level.  Throughout the week you’ll reflect back to John’s lyrics, the music and his harmonica as biblical lessons to get you through the challenges of life.”
And here are a few videos to give you a better feel for his music.
John Craigie Profile by Jason Boritz
We really like John.  We hope, and think, you will to.  A very unassuming performer he is very funny, yet very sincere.
As usual, we request $20 per seat donations.  Guarantee your seat by sending a check for the suggested donation made out to Dan Dover with John Craigie House Concert in the memo line to us at 7326 SE Woodward Street, Portland, 97206.  You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189 for questions or directions.
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