David Mallett at Doverlaff House Concerts, Sunday June 12, 2016

David Mallett H.C.Poster 3-001It is funny how momentum builds slowly then just takes over. That has been the course of development for the Doverlaff House Concert Series.  We hustled around, talking to artist and sending emails to managers and booking agents to try to get artist to play in our series, then the momentum took over and now we have folks lining up, not to attend these shows but to perform in them.  We have next season 2016-17 already mostly fully booked, or, maybe I should say the 2016-17 season has booked itself.  More on that later. 

Our show last week with Cello Master and Cello Bop experimentalist, Gideon Freudmann was an unqualified success.  Though our audience was not quite as large as other shows this year, the quality of the performance and the engagement of the audience was, as the Rusty Trumpet might say, “Yuuuugggghhh!!.”
We had a fantastic time meeting, hearing and getting to know Gideon.  What a fun night we had.  If you were not here, we suggest you check him out and hear him live whenever you can.  Songs like “Denmark” or “Kangaroo Courtship” are bound to intrigue, fascinate and entertain you.  Not exactly your father’s Folk Music, but just as real, just as compelling and way more exciting than just about anything  you can hear today.  
But we ain’t through yet!
Next month, on Sunday, June 12 at 7 pm, we will be in the fortuitous position of hosting one of folk musics secret stars.  David Mallet (along with Bassist Mike Burd) brings his whisky and wood smoke voice, his impeccable poetic lyrics and musical sensibilities to our tiny stage here at Doverlaff House Concerts, and you can be there for the magic.  
Many of you may not know David Mallett.  We discovered him through a friend from the Northeast who was working here over 25 years ago and gave us a mix tape with a couple of his songs on it.  We were taken immediately by his lovely voice and his compelling story songs.  Even so, you may have sung along with his best know song, “The Garden Song” (Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow) without ever knowing it was him. (his Bio).
While that is a great folk classic, it is not representative of the rest of his body of work. Songs of people and places sang with a quiet conviction and a connection to the souls of both the characters and places he sings of and those of his listeners provide a totally intimate musical experience that you have to experience to understand.  
But don’t just take my word for it.  Here is some stuff others have said about David Mallett. 
Of David’s album “Alright Now”:
“a masterpiece …This is an exquisite, ennobling record, made by a terrific craftsman.”
– Steve Morse, Boston Globe

Of “The Artist in Me”, one of our favorites:
The title song, Didn’t Nobody Teach You, Strange Life, The Wind Is on the Water, and Livin’ on the Edgepack the plainspoken poetic power of this consistently on-the-money songwriter’s best work.”
– Mike Thomas, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“He harks back to the earnest ambitions and heartfelt melodies of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, singing with the conviction that folk can still be heroic. David Mallet has a lustrous, melancholy voice that both engages and lulls the listener, never stretching too high or too low but always staying comfortable and believable.”
– The New York Times Synd.

And some Videos:
We hope that gives those of you who do not know the music of David Mallett a little taste of what is in store for you at this show.  We sure hope you can join us. 
As usual, we suggest a $20 donation per seat for this show. To reserve your seats make advance donation by sending us a check made out to Dan Dover (put  David Mallet House Concert in the memo line. Also as usual, we will have snacks available for free and beverages available.  
Also, opening the show will be one of our favorite local duos, Dale Jones and Ann Hayen.  We think you will love their songs.  Dale is among the most musical of all of our songwriting friends while Ann writes songs that paint pictures of places, people and situations she has seen or maybe just created in her fertile imagination.  You will love them.
Earlier, we mentioned next year being mostly booked.  Here is a tentative line-up for our 2016-17 season. 
September 25- Elyza Gilkyson 
September 30-October 1 Two shows when Martyn Joseph returns
October 13 or 16  Molly O’Brien returns
January Gideon Freudmann returns
February 26 David Francey returns 
March 3, 4 or 5 David Wilcox
April 1 (or there-abouts) Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem
While these may not all work out as planned but we think we will be able to offer you bunch of totally fantastic house concert experiences. We hope you can join us for David Mallett next month and for some or all of our show next season.
Thank you for providing us a reason to have these wonderful people in our home and for allowing us the privilege of your presence here as well.
Musically Yours, 
Cheryl and Dan
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