Danny O’Keefe brings “Good Time Charley” to Doverlaff

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Hello, Music Fans,

We really want to let you know about this upcoming Doverlaff House Concerts show.
Mary Flower, the great blues guitarist and Portland resident recently approached us with a suggestion for an artist for our series.  We get many such suggestions but this one is surely different.
Do you remember these lyrics?

Everybody’s gone away, Said they”re movin’ to LA, There’s not a soul I know around, Everybody’s leavin town. Some caught a freight, some caught a train, Found the sunshine, left the rain, They said, “This town will waster your time,” I guess they’re right, it’s wasting mine. Some gotta win, some gotta lose, Good Time Charley’s got the blues…

I hope so, because Danny O’Keefe, the man who wrote and sang those Lyrics, some 40 years ago will be singing them again in our basement, the Tiki Room, on Friday, October 28 at 7:30.

Great Northwest writer, Tom Robbins, said about Danny’s music “As darkly seasoned with raw experience as it is brilliantly inlaid with poetic insight, O’Keefe’s work this past decade constitutes the most moving musical meditations since Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind. Unblinking, hammer-hard, love-wise and haunting, these songs stay alive in the mind and the heart long after the laser has moved on.”

Michael McDonald, of the Doobie Brothers, wrote, “Danny O’Keefe takes his rightful place in that ingenious and enigmatic tradition of unfettered poetic American song writing. Often traditional feeling music that is never completely identified with, or tied to, any one genre. (He writes) the kind of songs that ring with that sense of being classic and enduring, always having much to tell us lyrically. Working with Danny for me is a source of great pride because I truly think of him as one of the greats.”

Bluegrass legend Tim O’Brien said, “Look in the dictionary under “singer songwriter” and you’ll see a picture of Danny O’Keefe. His is the complete package: a strong performer with a batch of amazing songs. His guitar and voice lead you beyond ditty world, deep into the land of poetry.”

Here are some videos you may enjoy:

Good Time Charley’s Got the Blues (of course, I had to include this)
While I have not heard much from Danny in the decades since his big hit, we are very excited to have him here and we hope you will want to come check him out.
Local standout songwriter and performer, Tom Arnold, will open.
As usual, suggested donation in $20 per seat. We provide the usual free snacks with other refreshment available for a nominal donation.  To reserve your seats, send a check for the suggested donation, to us, made out to Dan Dover, to 7326 SE Woodward ST. PDX, 97206. You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189.
Looking forward to seeing you and Danny O’Keefe here in the Tiki Room at Doverlaff House Concerts on Friday, October 28.
Be There,
Cheryl and Dan
Doverlaff House Concerts


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Preview YouTube video Danny O’keefe ~ Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (original version)

Danny O’keefe ~ Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (original version)

Preview YouTube video Danny O’Keefe ~ The Road

Danny O’Keefe ~ The Road

Preview YouTube video Danny O’Keefe – The Valentine Pieces

Danny O’Keefe – The Valentine Pieces

Preview YouTube video Danny O´Keefe – I´m Sober Now

Danny O´Keefe – I´m Sober Now

Preview YouTube video Danny O´Keefe “All My Friends”

Danny O´Keefe “All My Friends”

Preview YouTube video Angel Spread Your Wings

Angel Spread Your Wings

Preview YouTube video If Ya Can’t Boogie, Woogie (You Sure Can’t Rock & Roll)

If Ya Can’t Boogie, Woogie (You Sure Can’t Rock & Roll)
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