Rani Arbo and daisy mahem at Doverlaff on Friday, March 31

Rani Arbo and HC 2017-001Hey Folk Fans,

What a fantastic year we are having here at Doverlaff House Concerts. We started by having Eliza Gilkyson and 2 Martyn Joseph shows in one week. We followed that with Danny O’Keefe on October 28. We spent some time in Mexico and recovering from the election then had Peter Mulvey 2 weeks ago on February 8. We have two totally filled shows coming up in the next 2 weeks with David Francey on February 27 and David Wilcox on March 4. Like I said, those 2 are totally overfilled so we have no seats left for those.

However, we do still have 1 final show for this season, Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem on Friday March 31rst at 7:30 pm.

Do you know Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem. We have been following them since we first saw them at the Vancouver Folk Festival over 20 years ago and have been trying to get them here since we started this house concert series. Like Susan Werner, Rani has referred to her music as a kind of agnostic gospel and I think that fits it. They play plenty of original songs penned by Rani or other members of the band but they also make great use of the Old Timey music catalogue.

This will be the largest group we have had play in the Tiki Room with 4 players, including a drum kit made from luggage. You will have to check that out.

Bob Jones, the founder of the Newport Folk Festival said “This group is the epitome of what the Newport Folk Festival is all about.”

Or, this, “Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem have played the American Theatre on three occasions now. Our audiences love the band; and their infectious humour, virtuoso playing and engaging stage presence make for an incredible evening of first rate entertainment. Even though they might not (yet) be household names, I would urge all presenters to “take a risk,” and I am certain they will love the results. These are great musicians and great people, and they make GREAT music,” from Michael Curry and the American Theater in Hampton, Va.
Or, this from Mansel Davies, co-founder of the Calgary Folk Club in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, “I thought Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem were the best act I’ve seen in years! The quality of the music was superb. There were no flashy instrumental breaks just for the sake of showing technical mastery. Each member is obviously a master of what they play, and have the maturity and ability to play exactly what is needed for the song being performed. They also listen to each other and play beautiful complimentary parts. Their vocals were a joy to listen to. They have all of the nuances of the many styles they covered, and Rani’s own songs were a head and shoulders above most of the singer/songwriters I can think of. Their knowledge and mastery of the singing styles of the material they covered was very impressive.

Their stage presence was so warm. They passed the ball to each other easily, and we caught more than a glimpse of each personality. I think they had a wonderful time playing in Calgary, and that enjoyment was easily seen and shared by the club patrons. Off stage, they were gracious and very approachable. Years ago, Stan Rogers set a level here, which has been seldom equaled. To me, this band now carries on that elusive level of musicianship and presentation.”

How about so de rigeur You Tube videos:

This Big Ole Life

When Joy Comes Back to Me

Red Haired Boy

So, come join us for our final show of the year in our final Doverlaff House Concerts series. This group will definitely put the cherry on the top of the fantastic musical sundae we have been building here in the Tiki Room. We will let you know who the opener will be soon.

Suggested donation, $20 per seat can be sent to us by mailing a check made out to Dan Dover (please, not Doverlaff House Concerts) to us at 7326 SE Woodward St, PDX, 97206. You can reach us at this email address or you can reach Dan on his cell, 503.730.3189. Check out our web site at doverlaffhouseconcerts.org .

We certainly look forward to seeing you again and sharing this wonderful band and their special music with you.

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