West, My Friend at Doverlaff Sunday March 4

A few months ago Cheryl and I attended the Far West Folk Alliance conference in Bellingham as a chance to discover some new music for this house concert series. We had a great time and heard lots of great music. Among the stand out performances we saw, West, My Friend, shone brighter than most.
This Canadian quartet features bluegrass instrumentation, guitar, mandolin, upright bass plus accordion. Their songs are all original and their playing is masterful. Their musical energy propels the listener into an altered, and altogether better, reality. The vocals and vocal harmonies are stellar.

From their web-site:

Described as everything from indie-roots to chamber-folk, West My Friend has an acoustic blend of instruments and four-part harmonies that challenges the conventions of popular music. The band features pure and thrillingly elastic vocals with catchy arrangements of bass, guitar, mandolin, and accordion that draw from jazz, classical, folk, and pop influences. Inspired by artists such as Owen Pallett, Joanna Newsom, Bright Eyes, The Decemberists, and the Punch Brothers, and forged from a sonically adventurous acoustic music scene on Canada’s west coast, West My Friend is proving to be a key part of a new generation of grassroots folk music.

We hope you will join us for this fantastic show. Suggested donations remain $20 per seat. Snacks provided. No opener on this one.

Some YouTube videos:

A Birthday 

No Good Monster

Missing You

My Lover

Shape of a Home

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