Harry Manx in Concert at Doverlaff House Concerts Saturday November 10

Hello Music Lovers,

Well, circumstance and happenstance surely screws with the best laid plans.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel out trip to India at the last minute.  We were quite sad about this but, when fate closes a door, it opens a little window.  We had to turn down the opportunity to host a house concert with one of our all time favorite musicians becuase we were going to be out of the country.  Luckily, he still had a date open so we grabbed it.

Saturday, November 10, we will host the “to superlative for any adjective” Harry Manx in a house concert here at Doverlaff House Concerts in the Tiki Room.  Harry brings to 3 the number of Canadian Juno winning artist to play in our funky little performance space.  The otherss were David Francey and Bill Bourne.  We are totally ecstatic to be having Harry here.

Harry is an amazing artist.  Born on the Isle of Mann he moved to Canada as a young man and has lived all over the world.  For a long time, he was a busker on the streets of Tokyo, Japan playing as a one man band.  Eventually he went to India to study with one of Ravi Shankar’s accolytes, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, for 5 years.  He is a master of the Mohan Veena, an instrument designed by his master.  The Mohan Veena is essentially an arch-top guitar with 10 strings played lap-style, with some 20 sympathetic strings.  The instrument has very much a Sitar type sound but in the hands of Harry, it is a totally unique instrument.  Harry also played dobro, National resonator, banjo, Lowebowe Cigar Box guitar and standard acoustic guitars.  He is also a fine songwriter and a fantastic interpretter of the songs of others.

We first caught Harry at the Vancouver Folk Festival uncountable years ago.  He blew us away from the gitgo.  Here is a you tube video of his cover of Bruce Springsteins “I’m On Fire.” Here is Harry’s “Take This Hammer.”

Here is what Bruce Springstein had to say about Harry, “Watching harry play tonight, I feel like I learned something new.”

Guitar player Barry Cleveland had this to say about Harry, Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter Harry Manx is an artist that critics have occasionally had a hard  time getting their minds around. His unique amalgam of blues and other American roots music, classical Indian forms, and bits of rock, pop, and folk makes  him difficult to pigeonhole, and self-appointed gatekeepers of those traditions sometimes bemoan his lack of purity, stubbornly missing the point. But Manx’ s trip is really quite easy to grasp: He’s an accomplished and adventurous lap-slide guitarist – whether playing a National Ressonator, a solidbody lap-steel, a  modified banjo or cigar-box guitar, or his signature 20-string Mohan Veena – and a compelling singer with a rich, warm, and soulful voice who writes intelligent and compassionate songs and puts them over with heartfelt conviction.”


Guitar Player Magazine’s Andy Ellis said “While most musicians are content to work within the accepted boundaries of their chosen style, lap-slide guitarist Harry Manx likes to coulour way outside the lines.  His crayons? Soulful, raspy vocals, poetic lyrics and the whining drones and mysterious melisma of Indian Music…Manx conjures songs that are as bewitching as they are unique.


“The making of an artist is as abstract as the canvas that he or she paints. Words pale in grey tones when attempting to describe this aspect of brilliance. No, one has to listen with eyes closed gently, as if in meditation, concentrating on the algorithmic patterns that emerge. The ability to create such a living work comes from the desire to transcend, to go far beyond the reaches of the imaginable universe. For Harry Manx,

bluesy guitarist and singer, this meant going to the far side of the earth in search of his musical identity. It was in Europe that he discovered his own blues. In Japan he discovered his soon-to-be guru of the slide guitar: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt who played the veena. He went to live in Rajasthan at the feet of this guru, learning the complexities of the Mohan veena, eventually learning how to blend his Canadian blues with the slide of the desert. And now he’s doing something totally unique and original, yet accessible. He’s quickly become a driving force on the Canadian music scene.”– Steve Fruitman, CIUT FM (Harry was honoured with the Lenny Breau “ultimate musicianship” award by the Porcupine Hall of Fame Awards in 2003)

Well, maybe that is enough quotes but for this one.  “I consider Harry one of the great guitar players and singer-songwriters.  His guitar music is evocative and transporting.  It is exotic due to the host of influences that has produced it.  You will never go wrong going to catch Harry Manx. ” Dan Dover, Singer-Songwriter, House Concert Host.

Come help us assuage or pain over missing the India trip with this amazing India-influenced blues-roots singer-songwriter.

Please RSVP to dan@doverlaffhouseconcerts.org.  We are still working on the suggested donation for this show.  It will be either $15 or $20 depending on decisions made by Harry’s management.  More to follow.

Cheryl and Dan

Doverlaff House Concerts.

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