Ed Haynes and Dan Dover at Doverlaff House Concerts, Sunday, May 12 at 7:30

Portland is full of great innovative dynamic musicians. Ed Haynes certainly fits the bill on that. Ed will be joining Dan Dover for a show at Doverlaff for a show on Sunday, May 12, Mother’s Day, at 7:30 pm.
We first heard Ed on the first Mississippi Studios compilation. He performed a song called Banner Day which, with its tale of a kitchen fire and dog rescue (‘you don’t wanna kill the pets”) stuck in our minds to the point where frequent interjections of “not a banner day for you” became part of our idiom.
S.P. Clark has written a fairly definitive article on the music of Ed Haynes. You can read it here. Currently, Ed has a recurrent performance called A Man Walks Into a Bar: A Comedy With Songs which he has performed at various venues in the Portland area including Artichoke Music. Ed’s songs tend toward the humorous and the absurd, e.g. “Grumpy Sad Hipster Baker Girl” and “Hospital Bar.” While overwhelmingly humorous or ironic, he also has some very touching songs that reflect the human condition in very moving ways. One such song is a transcription of an interview with a teenage serial killer that is emotionally disturbing. Ed stage presents is a huge part of his appeal. In ways reminiscent of John Gorka he pulls you in and causes you to invest in his performance. If you have heard Ed, you know what to expect. If not, we think you will be very enjoyably surprised.
Ed hosts a monthly performance, The Ed Haynes Show, at McMenamins Grand Lodge where he shares the stage with his favorite artists featuring songs and conversation. Next week, Thursday March 7th, The Ed Hayne Show will feature William Stafford and Dan Dover.
If you have come to many Doverlaff House Concerts you know Dan. He has opened for several shows here including shows by David Francey, Martyn Joseph, Dan Weber and others.  Self described as a “poet with a guitar” rather than a “musician.” Still 60 years of writing and nearly 50 years of playing guitar have produced some laudatory results. Dan has developed a nice finger style of guitar playing that perfectly compliments his poetic lyrics, but can also deliver up beat songs like “Steel and Rubber and Gasoline” or “I’m Ready for You.”. Dan’s songs, philosophical musings, political criticism, love songs, reflect the range of his influences, from Bob Dylan, John Prine and James Taylor to David Francey, Peter Mulvey, and Jeffrey Foucault.
This show will start at 7:30 with doors open at 7. Suggested donation for this show is $15. We hope to see you here.
We, Cheryl Mitzlaff and I, have enjoyed hosting this series for the past 10 years more than we could begin to say. Meeting some of our favorite musicians, sharing meals, music and aftershow stories has been a highlight of our lives. We hope you have enjoyed the series as much as we have and are sure you will enjoy this show. Come help us wind down the series and enjoy some great songs from Ed and Dan.
Some Videos and MP3s:
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