Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer, December 16


No doubt about it, we are back in the soup.  The sky today is as gray as a sparrow’s belly and we have been getting rain by the bucket the last few days.  But you know our answer to bad weather….Great Music!

We have another fantastic concert coming up for you in December.  This time we are hosting  Dave McGraw and  Mandy Fer, a couple we first heard opening for Willy Porter at the Aladdin last December.  We saw them again at Sisters Folk Festival in September.  They were a big hit with everyone that heard them.  They write great songs, have wonderful voices and a very good musicians.  Mandy is amazing on both electric and acoustic guitars.  Sometimes when she plays, all you can see of her fingers is a blur. 

Check them out on You Tube.  The Seed of a Pine video also features Allison Russel of Po’ Girl and JT Nero of JT and the Clouds.  Allison and JT are now The Birds of Chicago who will also be playing here at Doverlaff House Concerts on Sunday January 20.  A couple of other videos to check out:  Cat Creek  and So Comes the Day.

A few press clippings:

“Every now and then an album comes along that is so good, you just can’t get anything else done…I have this problem at the moment with Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer’s first official collaboration album, which as far as problems go, isn’t such a bad one. With an immediately warm and soothing feel to the record, the rich acoustic sound and perfectly pitched vocals courtesy of both singers, together with some fine electric guitar playing makes SEED OF A PINE essential listening…some of the most delicious harmonies to have reached this reviewer’s ears thus far…”

-Northern Sky Music Magazine (UK)

“[Seed of a Pine] is an album rather than just a collection of songs and the collective experience will draw you in…This is music that is washed with the watercolour tones of the cover artwork – soft brush strokes that bleed their colours together into a pleasing whole.”Lonesome Highway (UK)

 “I could talk about all of the songs on this album [Seed of a Pine] until the cows come home. Honestly this is one of those…albums which ‘had me at hello.’ If you’re a fan of modern folk and americana, you can’t go wrong with Seed of a Pine.” 
-Seattle Post Intelligencer – BlogCritics.org

9 out of 10 score –“This [Seed of a Pine] is an excellent album…this duo seem to thrive on the beautiful things around us all and have an ability to make the listener stop and maybe appreciate the wonders of this world for a little longer than we would normally…”

Of course, you will never really know until you see and hear this wonderful duo.  To fix that problem, join us on Sunday, December 16 at 7 pm (door open at 6:30) for an evening of really fine music.  Karen Ann will do a short opening set.  

As usual, we will provide an array of snacks, coffee and tea.  Beer and wine will also be available.  

We are requesting a $15 suggested donation per seat.  Seating is limited to 50 and we already have several folks on the list.  To guarantee you seat, send the suggested donation to Dan Dover, 7326 SE Woodward St., Portland, Oregon 97206.  You can reach us at 503.730.3189.

We are looking forward to another fantastic show and to seeing you here and sharing the wonderful music of these fine musicians with you.  

Wishing you a happy holiday season, 

Cheryl and Dan 
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