Peter Mulvey at Doverlaff, February 8

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I hope the snow and ice has been agreeing with you and that you are warm and snug next to your fireplace listening to some warming music.  Maybe someone like Peter Mulvey. If not, we will provide for you the opportunity to hear him here in the warmth of the Tiki Room at Doverlaff House Concerts on Wednesday, Februay 8, 2017.
You may know that we have hosted Peter twice before and have been working to get him back ever since. Timing and travel have prevented every opportunity we have had from coming to fruition. Now, he is coming back. 
Peter is one of the most intelligent, talented and engaging singer-songwriters we have ever met, much less had on our little stage.  A guitar slinging poet of the first order, Peter is also a fantastic guitar player who, early in his development followed Michael Hedges style and became a very versatile player. His lyrics have continued to develop and dazzle throughout the time we have followed him.  
Our first experience with Peter’s music was at a Redbird concert at the old Mississippi Studios back in 2005 or 2006.  At the time, Redbird consisted of Peter, Jeffrey Foucault and Kris Delmhorst and Peter’s songs really blew us away.  
Garvin Martin, in Uncut magazine says of Peter’s Silver Ladder CD, Produce by legendary producer Chuck Prophet:
The eclectic range of Mulvey’s tireless past pays handsome dividends on this stylistically sweeping, LA-recorded album. A crack specially convened band (including regular Dylan drummer David Kemper) adhere to his well-established live and direct recording approach and allow the performer’s deeply matured, naturally wry and hard-edged Americana to attain full, flowing life. From the raunchy melodic pop of “Sympathies” through suburban requiem “Remember the Milkman”, the dizzying weirdness of “If You Shoot At A King” and even Led Zeppelin modal thunder on “Copenhagen Airport”, Mulvey’s troubled visions attain striking clarity.
The Boston Globe states:

“Peter Mulvey is all substance, which is his style.”

The Tweed Festival labeled Peter this way:

Over the past 20 years, Mulvey has pursued a restless, eclectic path as a writer and musician – immersing himself in Tin Pan Alley jazz, modern acoustic, poetry, narrative, and Americana stylings. Relentlessly touring as a headliner – his attitude is, “When you love what you do, you can work all the time,” – he has also shared the stage with luminaries such as Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson, Ani diFranco, Indigo Girls, and Greg Brown, and has attracted an audience that stretches from Anchorage to Amsterdam.

It’s all true but does not begin to capture the feeling of a Peter Mulvey show. His engagement with the audience surpasses almost any other artist I can name. His obvious intelligence, poetic lyrics and deep insight into the human condition make Peter the kind of artist you not only want to hear but to have a beer with, maybe tour an art gallery or museum.
Here are some videos that may be more informative. 
Ted Talk with “Vlad the Astrophysicist” (you may have to turn up the volume)
The Other Morning over Coffee  (with Portland favorite Anna Tivel)
Want more? Join us on Wednesday, February 8 at 7 pm for this sure to be fantastic return engagement with Peter Mulvey at Doverlaff House Concerts.
To reserve seats, send a check for the suggested donation of $20 per seat to us at 7326 SE Woodward St. Portland, Oregon 97206. Make checks out to Dan Dover (not Doverlaff House Concerts) and put Peter Mulvey House Concerts in the memo line.  You can reach Dan at 503.730.3189 for questions or directions.  
Also, in the upcoming weeks we will host Canadian, multi-Juno winner, David Francey on February 27; folk style legend David Wilcox on March 4 and folk combo Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem on March 31.  All have $20 suggested donations and you can follow the same instructions to reserve seats for any of these shows. 
Hoping to see you soon, 
Cheryl and Dan
Doverlaff House Concerts
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