David Francey at Doverlaff on Monday 2-27-17

David Francey H.C.P. 2017-001
Music Lovers,

Talk about an embarrassment of riches. In the next 10 weeks we have exactly that kind of embarrassment. Four acts that you do not want to miss. However, if you are not already on the list for Peter Mulvey, you will have to miss that one.

However, you still have the opportunity to be part of 3 more great shows in the Doverlaff House Concerts 2016-17 season.
On Monday, February, David Francey, winner of multiple Juno awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy, will make his third Doverlaff appearance. David is among the 3 or 4 songwriters of whom I cannot choose between as my favorite songwriter.  A poet for everyman. A working man who wrote of work and people and love long before he, late in life, slipped smoothly into a musical career with a catalog of songs that will move you, enlighten you and make you just gotta sing along.
Jeff Monk of the Winnipeg Free Press says,  Scotland’s David Francey has been a Canadian citizen most of his life, but the 61-year-old still sings with the thick brogue of his native country. That’s a good thing, since his type of folky tale-telling and heartfelt insights benefit from his deep, dusty cadence. Francey plays no instruments himself
here, leaving his band, the Handsome Soldiers, to deliver the tuneful, rootsy
vibes. Mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar and the occasional fiddle finesse avoid
cliché and contour Francey’s graceful lyrics perfectly. Within this framework,
the singer’s words lay out the kind of wisdom gained not only by living a conscious
life, but having the skill to turn sincere emotion into song. Hospital tells the tale of a son watching his father barely exist while in care and the toll it takes on the whole
family. Blue Girl details a tormented slog through the porn industry, while
Crucible lifts unknown soldiers to prominence. Empty Train succeeds because
Francey writes the kind of songs driven by personal experiences, yet speak to
the larger life truths of compassion and 
sincerity. Get aboard this train.
Northwest phenomena Anna Tivel will open.
Below are some links to music videos
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